Orders Page Overview

On the Orders Page, you can view, manage, and create all of your Orders. This is the default page you see when you first log in to your Shippo account. 

You can access it by clicking on Orders on the left navigation panel:


How to Add Orders to your Orders Page

There are three ways to obtain orders on your Shippo Orders Page:



If you have not yet created or imported orders, you can view this video to learn how to create your first label with Shippo: How To Create Your First Label


Importing Orders

You can import orders into Shippo by connecting your online stores to your Shippo account or by uploading a CSV file.  Once you have added your stores to your Shippo account, they will automatically populate the Orders page. By clicking Sync Orders, you can ensure the populated orders are up to date. 


E-commerce Stores

Click the Sync Orders button on the top right of your Orders Page to import orders from your e-commerce platforms manually. Depending on the platform, orders will sync automatically in real-time or once per hour. Shippo typically syncs with e-commerce stores once per hour while some integrations sync in real-time. See Shippo E-commerce Store Integrations.




For Shopify connections, the Sync Orders button will also sync any new or modified Shopify addresses/locations to Shippo. If you make an address/location change on Shopify, please wait five minutes and then click Sync Orders in Shippo to have that address imported.

See Shopify Locations in Shippo.


Uploading Orders

CSV uploads

Click the Import CSV button to import your orders from a CSV file into Shippo.


Creating Orders

You can create orders individually if you do not have an E-commerce Store connection and do not wish to upload a CSV file. This is a great solution for a one-time label that you need to create.

To get started, Click Create Order at the top right of the page. We call these manual orders.

  • Manual orders are marked by a hippo icon in the Orders list
  • Manual orders will not have an "order number"
  • Manual orders will not have "orders items", and the Packing Slip will not include item details:


Filtering Orders

You can filter the orders you want to see on the Orders Page:

  • Filtering by Fulfillment
  • Additional Filtering Options
  • Clear Filters
  • Saving Filters
  • Delete Saved Filters

Filtering by Fulfillment

You can filter by All orders, Fulfilled orders, and Unfulfilled(Pending) orders by clicking on those links at the top of the list.  Additional filtering is available by clicking the Filters button next to the Search bar.

Additional Filters

Click on the Filters button next to the Search bar to see additional filter options. Click on the name of the filter you wish to use:

  • Date
  • Item
  • Destination
  • Weight
  • Stores
  • Shipping Method

Date Filter

Open the Date dropdown menu and enter the Start Date and End Date.


Destination Filter

Open the Destination dropdown menu and select between Domestic or International. Domestic or International are determined by the recipient address on the order.


Weight Filter

Open the Weight dropdown menu and enter the Minimum Weight and Maximum Weight range and the Weight Measurement (oz., lbs., etc.). 


Shops Filter

Open the Shop dropdown menu and select from your connected shops.

You will only see options listed here if you have a store connected or have imported using a CSV. Choose "Shippo" if you want only to see orders you created manually.


Shipping Method Filter

Open the Select Customer Shipping drop-down menu and check the box for your selection. Shipping Methods will be listed here if your customer selected a specific shipping method in your shopping cart. You may purchase any carrier and service level when you create your label. 


Clear Filters

Clear your filters by clicking Clear Filter.


Save Filter

If you want to save the multiple filters selected, click the Save Filter star below the top menu and give your filter a name. 


Hiding Orders

From the Orders Page, click the drop-down arrow next to the Create Label or Fulfilled button and select Hide Order:

For more details on hiding multiple orders and restoring hidden orders, see How to Hide Orders in Shippo.


Printing Packing Slips

Packing Slips by default feature the name and address of the Sender and Recipient and information about the order (item name, cost, quantity, weight, etc.) You can print a single Packing Slip or multiple Packing Slips on the Orders Page. For more details on Packing Slips, please see: Packing Slips in Shippo.


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