Packing Slips in Shippo

Packing Slips in Shippo can be very useful for you and your customers! We see they are often used to help fulfill orders while you and your team are packing them, to communicate important information (like return policies), and to add that personal touch, such as a "Thank you" note for your customers.

In Shippo, we have many customization options, like adding notes, store policies, and hiding pricing, to ensure you're able to communicate (or remove) important information when needed!

Packing Slips in Shippo can be printed in PDF, PNG, or ZPL formats to best fit your printing needs and are available for any order fulfilled in Shippo to be sent along with your packages.

Packing Slip Settings

Your Packing Slip preferences can be edited on the Label & Packing Slips Page. From here you can set your packing slip size, add a store policy, and remove pricing!

Adding a Store Policy and hiding prices on Packing Slips

Adding a store policy will allow you to communicate with your customers a return policy or any additional important information you'd like them to know. 

To add a store policy to your packing slip, or to hide prices on your packing slip:

  • Click into the Settings tab.
  • Then click Labels & Packing Slips.
  • Navigate to Packing Slip Settings.

From inside the Packing Slip Settings section, you can set your Default Packing Slip, add a Store Policy, and choose to Show prices on packing Slips



Store Policies must be below 1000 characters. Exceed the character limit will result in an Error. 




Unchecking the Show prices on packing slips checkbox will allow you to hide those prices. This will be useful for the busy Holiday season when a lot of you are shipping gifts!



Making any changes on the Labels & Packing Slips page will update all labels and packing slips generated after the changes are made. 


Adding notes to Packing Slips

Adding notes to a packing slip is a great tool that can be used to add a personal touch for your customers or, even leave notes for your fulfillment team to review when packing your orders. Notes can be added to the packing slips at an individual order level, or in batch.


To add a note at an individual order level:

  • From the Orders Page, click on the drop-down on the Buy button.
  • Select Add note on packing slip.


You can also add the note from within the order directly.

To do this:

  • Click on the order directly on the orders page
  • then click on the Add note on packing slip link within the order.




In order to add a note from within an order directly (like the screenshot above) you will need to ensure an item is added to the order.


In Batch

Adding a note at a batch level allows you to add the same note to multiple packing slips at once. 

To add a note to your Orders in Batch:

  • Navigate to the Orders page.
  • Select which orders you would like to add a note to by checking the box on the left of your orders.
  • Then, click on the drop-down on the Buy button, and select Add note on packing slips:



Printing Your Packing Slips

Printing a single Packing Slip

  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Fulfilled or Create Label button.
  • Click on Download Packing Slip.



Printing Multiple Packing Slips

  • Select the Orders you would like to print by clicking the checkbox to the left of each order.
  • Click on the arrow next to the Create label for selected orders button at the bottom right.
  • Click on Download packing slips for selected orders:



What is included in a Packing Slip?

Packing Slips will feature the name and address of the Sender and Recipient, any notes you added, as well as information about the order (item name, count, weight, etc).



Orders with many items may result in a multi-page Packing Slip.


Branded Packing Slips

Pro and Premier Plan customers can add their Company's branding to customize the Packing Slip in Shippo.


Packing Slip Examples

4x6 PDF, PNG, and ZPL Formats:

These packing slips will be printed in the 4x6 format and should be selected if you are printing on a thermal label printer.



Printing in the ZPL format is specific to Zebra printers. If you do not have a printer that is compatible with this format, we recommend picking one of the other file types for your Packing Slips.


4x8 PDF, PNG, and ZPL Formats:


8.5x11 PDF Format:

This packing slip will print on a full page of paper and is a common selection for customers who use standard inkjet printers:


Packing Slip/Label Combo Format:

These packing slips will be printed on 8.5x11 in paper and will include the label and packing slip on one page:



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