How to Cancel Your Shippo Account

You're here to cancel your account, and we're here to help. We hope you've enjoyed your time with Shippo, and we'll always welcome you back! 

Here are some important details before you cancel:

Starter Plan users

  • There are no monthly charges for Shippo users on the Starter plan. You may stop using your account at any time. You will not be charged any type of service fee for leaving your account open.

Professional (Pro) Plan users

  • If you no longer wish to pay the monthly plan fees, you may downgrade to the Starter plan and will not be charged if you do not purchase any shipping labels.

  • If you are still on the Pro plan 30-day free trial, you may downgrade to the Starter plan at any time during the free trial and will not incur any monthly charges. 

Premier Plan users

  • Please contact us for assistance with any plan changes.


If you have an e-commerce store integration connected to Shippo on any of these plans, please visit your store site to disconnect the Shippo app.


How to Cancel Your Account

Before you close your account, you must ensure you don't have any pending purchases. Any pending purchases must first be paid before closing your account. 

To Check Pending Purchases:

  • Navigate to the Billing tab by clicking on the Account icon, then select Billing.
  • Click on the View Pending Transactions link to check for Pending purchases—Shippo Billing Process.
  • If there is an unpaid invoice listed under the Past Invoices section, please click the Re-attempt Charge link to pay that invoice. 

To close your Account:

  • Click on the Account icon, then select Plan.
  • Navigate to the Plan tab along the top menu and click Close Account
  • Select the reason for cancellation from the drop-down and click Close my Shippo account.
  • Confirm the account closure by clicking on the Close Account button.
  • Confirmation will be displayed when the account has been closed.



Closing your account cannot be undone.




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