Shopify Locations in Shippo

Shopify merchants have the ability to set up multiple locations for their store within Shopify. If your business ships from multiple locations, you can use the Shopify Locations feature to better manage your inventory and fulfillment. The number of locations available depends on your Shopify plan. You can read more about this feature in the Shopify Help Center here.


All active Shopify locations import to Shippo automatically

This is available for any Shopify merchant on all Shopify plan levels. You can see those locations listed on the Addresses Page in your Shippo account. 

Note: Shippo does not import inactive locations.


Read-only Addresses

Locations that import from Shopify are provided in read-only format. Any changes or modifications that need to be made must be done in Shopify and then synced over to Shippo. 


Editing Read-only Addresses

  • If you have a Single Shopify Location, please visit Settings in Shopify and click on Shipping. The Shipping Origin is the address that is imported to Shippo. Please note that this may be different than the store address used for Shopify billing that is listed under your General settings.
  • If you have Multiple Shopify Locations, visit Settings in Shopify and click on Locations. You can modify each Shopify address/location here. Please reference Shopify's Help Center if you need assistance. 

Allow up to five minutes for the address changes to update and then re-sync to Shippo by clicking on the Sync Orders link at the top of the Orders Page in Shippo. This will update your Shopify Location information on the Shippo Addresses Page


Note: Addresses imported from Shopify will be noted by a Shopify icon on the Shippo Addresses Page. Any address entered manually in Shippo will not have a Shopify icon. 



Updating the Name, Company, & Email Address

As explained above, it is not possible to edit the read-only Shopify address in Shippo. However,  you can certainly modify the Name, Company, and Email Address fields for any imported Shopify location.

On the Shippo Addresses Page, click on the Edit link to the right of the location, make your updates, and Save your changes. You may also designate the default sender and return addresses here. 


Troubleshooting Fulfillment

Shopify requires that a Shopify Location be used as the sender address when fulfilling orders in Shippo. If a sender address is used that is not an imported Shopify location, Shippo will not be able to send the tracking number and fulfillment update to Shopify for that order. 

If your Shopify orders are not updating fulfillment when you purchase a label in Shippo, please see our troubleshooting guide here



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