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The new Orders Page is on the way! In the following weeks, you may see this version of the Orders Page in your account. Thank you for being so understanding!


Shippo is dedicated to making shipping as easy as possible for you and your business. We recently updated the Shipments page, and we’re excited to announce updates we have made to the Orders Page to create a more intuitive and efficient experience to help create and manage your orders!


The new Orders Page

On the Orders Page, you can create new orders and manage incoming or already purchased orders. When clicking an order, you can view and edit the order information and settings on the label sidebar:



For quick access, you can click straight into the detail you would like to manage; for instance, clicking on the carrier information will open the carrier rates options, where you can view and select the available labels:

Managing your Orders

Shippo has updated the Orders Page to help optimize the Order creation and Managing experience with the Label Sidebar Manager.

From the Label Sidebar Manager, you can:

  • Choose or edit the sender, return, and recipient addresses.
  • View the listed order items with their price and combined order weight. 
  • Edit the package info by choosing from a package template, custom dimensions, or carrier-provided parcels. 
  • Edit the package options by selecting whether or not your package will include items containing alcohol or dry ice. Or if your package will include a return label. 
  • Next, in the shipment extras, you can add shipping insurance and signature confirmation. 
  • You can also change your shipment date. 
  • And lastly, select your label:


Managing Orders in Bulk

Shippo has modified the Orders page to help you manage your orders in bulk quicker and easier than ever before. When selecting multiple orders and clicking buy, you can manage your orders in bulk in the side panel.

Here you can view the following:

  • A summary of items.
  • Edit the package info.
  • Update the options.
  • Edit the shipment date.
  • And select your carrier rates for the selected orders. 

When clicking view selected only, you can work on all the selected orders individually, allowing you to edit a single order and then continue purchasing your orders in bulk. And to edit a single order in selected only, simply select the single order you would like to edit from the list of bulk orders. 

Post Purchase Options

Once you have purchased your label, you can view the shipment details!

When clicking into your Shipment Details, you will find:

  • The carrier tracking number.
  • Customer information.
  • Tracking status.
  • And link to download the label. 


How to opt-out of the new Orders Page

If your Orders Page has been updated with the new design, but you would like to return to the original design, you may opt-out of the new Orders Page update in your Account Settings. Keep in mind that the original design will only be available until March 15th, 2023. 

To opt-out of the new Orders Page:

  • From the Orders page, click Settings.
  • Then, select Account and click Profile on the top menu.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can choose between the New Orders Page and the Old Orders Page.
  • When you have made your selection, click Save.





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