Shipping from multiple addresses in Shippo

Shipping from multiple locations is an excellent way to save on shipping time and costs. An example of shipping from multiple locations would be if you had one fulfillment center in California and one in New York; you can choose to ship from California for west coast Orders or from New York for your East Coast Orders. In this article, we will go over how to ship from multiple sender addresses in Shippo. 

Adding a Sender Address

The first step in setting up shipping from multiple addresses is adding your multiple sender addresses to Shippo:

  • Get started by heading to the Addresses Page from the Settings tab.
  • Clicking Settings.
  • Then select Addresses on the left navigation panel:


To add a new address:

  • Click on the + New Address button at the top right of the screen to add a new shipping address.
  • Complete each field for the new address and click the Save button.
    • The Company field is optional.
    • The Phone field is optional in Shippo; however, some carriers require a phone number for domestic shipments. Keep in mind a phone number is required for all international shipments. 
    • The Name field cannot be left blank. Please enter your Company name in the Name field if you do not wish to use your personal name for shipping.

Setting up sender address automation

The next step is creating a Sender Address automation rule that automatically chooses the sender address based on the recipient's address. This automation rule works on an If-Then basis, choosing the sender address based on the shipment's destination.

Example: If the order's destination address is in California, Oregon, or Washington, Then my Sender Address will be from my West Coast fulfillment center.



This action is only available to pro plan users. If you are not a pro plan user, you can go to the next section to learn how to choose your sender address for each order manually. 

To create a Sender Address Automation Rule:

  • From the dashboard, open the Settings tab and select Automations.
  • Then, click Create New Rule.
  • Next, in the If section, select Shipment Destination from the Property dropdown menu. 
  • Then, you can choose the destinations enabling the rule to take place from the Destination dropdown.
  • Next, in the Then section, choose the Sender Address you would like to send from when shipping to the destinations chosen in the previous section. 
  • Lastly, give your rule a name and description. Once you've finished, click Save:


Choosing sender Addresses 

Once you have added multiple Sender addresses to your Shippo account, you can choose which Sender Address you want to ship from in each order on the Orders page. 

To manually choose your Sender Address:

  • From the Orders page, select an order you would like to manage. 
  • Next, navigate to the Addresses section in the order manager sidebar.
  • Click the arrow icon from inside the Sender Address section.
  • Then, select your preferred Sender Address and click Use Address:

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