Managing your Shipments in Shippo

On the Shipments page, you can view all of your purchased orders along with their shipment status and order information. In this article, learn how to manage your shipments on the Shipments page!


How to access the Shipments page

To access the shipments page:

  • From the main dashboard, click Shipments.

Managing your Shipments

From the Shipments page, you can find all of your shipped orders listed out along with all of their information, such as; customer name and address, shipment status, label rate, carrier service, and more!

Shipped orders

Once you have purchased a label for your orders in the orders page, you will then be able to view the orders from inside the Shipments page.

When clicking on your shipped order, you can access:

  • Tracking Number and link to the carriers tracking page
  • Tracking Status
  • Ship Date
  • Order Date and Status
  • Customer Name and Address
  • Label Rate
  • and Label.


Searching and Filtering your Shipped Orders

Use the search or filter functions of the shipments page to find a specific shipped order or a filtered list of shipped orders:


Searching for a shipped order is a quick and easy way to access a specific order.

To search for a shipped order:

  • Navigate to the search bar in the top left corner of the page.
  • Use keywords of your shipped order, such as customer name, address, or the shipped date. 


To create a filtered list of your shipped orders, you can use one of the many set filters from the top menu of the Shipments page.

You can filter your Shipped Orders by:

  • Newest or Oldest
  • Shipping Status
    • Delivered
    • In-transit
    • Returned
    • Unknown
    • and Failure
  • Date
  • Carrier
  • Label Type
    • Live
    • Test
  • Label Status
    • Error
    • Refunded
    • Refund Pending
    • Refund Rejected
    • Successful


Creating a Manifest

A manifest is a single-page document with a barcode that carriers can scan to accept all packages into transit without the need to scan each item individually, speeding up the package acceptance process.

Follow our guide to learn more about how to create a Manifest in Shippo:


Scheduling a Pickup

With Shippo, scheduling pickups for USPS and DHL Express is now easier than ever! When scheduling a USPS or DHL pickup, our system will pre-fill all customer information on the pickup form for you.

Follow our guide to learn more about how to schedule a pickup in Shippo:


Exporting your Shipments Information 

Shippo has an export feature that allows you to pull reports with all shipment data. You can use this feature to aggregate information for monthly billing or to log the number of shipments you create in a given in a custom time period.

Follow our guide to learn more about Exporting your shipment information in Shippo:


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