How to Schedule Package Pickups in Shippo

With Shippo, scheduling pickups for USPS and DHL Express is now easier than ever! When scheduling a USPS or DHL pickup, our system will pre-fill all customer information on the pickup form for you.

In this article, learn the requirements for setting up pickups and how to schedule package pickups in Shippo!


Pickup Requirements

To create a pickup for these carriers in Shippo, you will need to ensure you have:

  • At least one USPS/DHL transaction with the shipment date of today/tomorrow
    • Note: A USPS pickup requires at least one transaction of the following service: Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, any international service, or any return service.
  • A valid sender/company address in your Addresses Tab in Shippo
  • A valid phone number

We will also pass along all necessary information, such as the number of packages to be picked up and their total weight, to USPS or DHL.

We will not yet support the ability to:

  • Add a unique pickup address, as the address used will default to your Sender address in Shippo. 
  • Select certain shipments for pickup, as all shipments with shipping dates of that day/the next day will be included in the pickup queue.
  • Edit/Cancel a scheduled pickup
  • Select a date/time for pickup. This is determined by USPS and DHL and will be listed once you receive confirmation that the pickup request was submitted successfully.


How to Schedule a Package Pickup

To schedule a pickup in Shippo:

  • Open the Shipments page from the dashboard.
  • Select USPS or DHL from the Schedule Pickup drop-down.
  • Review the package information on the pickup page. Then click Schedule Pickup.

  • You'll then be taken back to the Shipments page and will receive a confirmation notification at the top of the page with your confirmation number and the date of your pickup.

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 1.06.03 PM.png

We recommend you save the confirmation number should any issues arise, or you need to edit/cancel your pickup. The confirmation number will not be made available again once you close out of this window.

Only one package pickup is allowed per day. To make changes to an already scheduled pickup you will need to visit the USPS Scheduling Website, click on "Make changes to a scheduled pickup" on the top right of the page, enter your confirmation number and phone number, and click the blue "Edit pickup" button.




It is not possible to make changes to a scheduled DHL pickup at this time.


For UPS or Fedex Packages

If you are scheduling a pickup for FedEx or UPS, you will need to do that directly through the carriers website. Please follow the instructions as detailed by the specific carrier.

Schedule a UPS Pickup

Schedule a FedEx Pickup

If you ship a high volume, or ship frequently, with most carriers you can schedule the pick-up once (e.g. every Tuesday at noon) and it will repeat itself.

If you prefer, you can also drop your package at the Post Office, or one of the carrier’s locations. Just make sure the zip code on your package is the same as, or close to, the zip code of the carrier location where you drop your package.  




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