How to Track Packages in Shippo

You've purchased your label and sent out your package, and now, just like your customers, you're waiting for the package to arrive at its destination. In Shippo, you can easily track your packages from inside the Shipments page!  In this article, learn how to track your packages in Shippo!

How to Track Packages in Shippo

To track your shipped packages in Shippo:

  • Open the Shipments page. 
  • Navigate to the order you would like to track. 
  • From here, you can view a short status description:
    • Pre-Transit
    • Delivered
    • In Transit
    • Cancelled
  • When clicking on the shipped order, a sidebar will open on the right-hand side of the page. Here you will have access to the package's tracking number.
  • If you click on the tracking number, you will be directed to the carrier’s tracking page for that shipment, where you can get more information about its status.


Tracking FAQs

Is tracking available for all carriers?

Tracking is available in Shippo with all carriers for all service levels where it is offered by the carrier - tracking is available for around 98% of service levels. There are no additional fees for tracking labels purchased within Shippo. Tracking will incur a cost per tracking number for all other shipments. 


Is tracking available for cross-border shipping?

  • USPS First Class International shipments do not include reliable tracking. Depending on the country, you may get some (very spotty) tracking information, at least until the package leaves the United States. But in many cases, tracking is not available for these shipments.
  • USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Boxes and Flat Rate Envelopes also do not include tracking (see: UPS Priority Mail Documentation).
  • Canada Post Small Packet does not include tracking services. 

Looking for information on the Shippo tracking API? See our Tracking API documentation.



  • If your tracking is showing as "Invalid" or "Unavailable" when you check it on the carrier's website, it's likely because you've only just created the label. It can take 24 hours after label creation before tracking information is processed by the carrier's system.
  • USPS also reuses tracking numbers and so there can be a small delay for their system to update with the correct shipment information (address, status, etc.).


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