Split Orders for Multiple Packages

If you have an order that contains more than one package, you can easily create multiple labels from a single order. 

Wix, Walmart, Amazon, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Magento 2, and Shopify merchants have the option to split orders that have multiple items natively. If you do not have one of these storefronts, please follow the steps below.

Splitting Orders for Multiple Packages

If you don’t have an order already, you can manually create one and enter the package weight and dimensions for your first package. 

For instructions on how to create a label, see Create a Manual Order & Label in Shippo.

To split Orders for multiple packages:

  • Get started by purchasing the first label
  • After you have purchased the label, Locate the purchased order on the Orders page.
  • Open the Download dropdown menu and select Create Another Label.
  • Enter the package weight and dimensions for the second package.
  • Select your rate, and purchase the second label. 
  • Click Download to download all of the labels in a single PDF.




  • The option to Create Another Label is only available for Fulfilled orders


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