Providing Shippo Rates During Checkout

Finding the best rate is always top of mind for shippers. Shippo provides real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers within our web app. Any available shipping rate may be selected to fulfill an order.

It's important to note, Shippo does not act as a shopping cart. We do not pass along shipping rates to display for buyers during the checkout process through our e-commerce store integrations.

Each store platform has a unique way of setting rates for the shopping cart within each platform's settings. Our customers are typically able to establish accurate customer-facing shipping rates for their shopping carts by determining the average rates across their typical package sizes, weights, and recipient addresses. 

After the order is placed and shipping selected in the shopping cart, the order will import to Shippo's Orders Page. You can compare your customer's selected rate with the rates available for purchase in Shippo and select the best rate option for your needs. 

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