How to Connect Wix with Shippo


Connecting your online stores to your Shippo account is one of the first steps to take to save time and money when shipping your orders. By connecting your Wix store to Shippo, you have the ability to create your shipping labels directly within the WIx dashboard.

This guide will show you how to connect Wix and Shippo from inside your Wix account or from inside your existing Shippo account.


How to Connect from your Wix Account

  • From your Wix homepage, go to the Wix Apps Market and search for Shippo in the search bar.
  • Click the + Add App button to add the Shippo app.
  • Click Allow and Install from the permissions consent page.
  • Sign in to Shippo:
    • If you’re new to Shippo, enter your details and click the Try Shippo For Free button to create a new account.
    • If you already have a Shippo account, click the Log in link.
  • Your Wix orders will automatically import to the Shippo Orders Page and will be noted by a Wix icon:

Now that you have successfully added the Shippo app to your Wix dashboard, you can view and manage your Shippo account from your main Wix dashboard by clicking Shippo: Rates & Labels from the sidebar panel:


Connect from your existing Shippo account


Did you know?:

When you create a shipping label for a Wix order in Shippo, Shippo will automatically update Wix with the shipment tracking number and mark the order fulfilled in Wix!


  • Login to your Shippo account.
  • Click on the Settings icon and then select Stores in the left navigation panel.
  • Click +Connect Store and select Wix.
  • Click Connect to begin authentication.
  • Click Allow and Install from the permissions consent page.
  • Your Wix orders will automatically import to the Shippo Orders Page and will be noted by a “Wix” icon.

Once your Wix store is connected and your orders begin importing, the Wix/Shippo integration will allow you to create and purchase shipping labels for your Wix orders right from the Shippo Orders Page. Shippo will mark your orders as fulfilled in Wix and add the tracking number for your label to your Wix order. You can also send shipment notification emails to your customers through Wix or Shippo.

You can visit this Help Center Article for steps on how to create a shipping label and read over other helpful getting started resources.


Custom CSV Order Upload for Wix

Shippo's import CSV feature allows Wix customers to quickly and easily upload their orders into Shippo. This is unnecessary if you've already connected Wix to Shippo using direct integration.



For Ecwid Stores on Wix: Ecwid stores that have been added to your Wix website do not integrate directly with Shippo. To import the Ecwid store orders from Wix to Shippo, you'll need to use the customized CSV upload process.

To import your Wix orders to Shippo via CSV:

  • First, in your Wix dashboard, click on Store Orders on the left-hand side. You’ll want to filter by Not Fulfilled orders. Then, select all and export as CSV.
  • When the file is ready for uploading, go to the Orders tab in your Shippo web app. In the upper right-hand corner, select Import CSV.
  • Once you’re on the CSV Import page, you can drag your CSV file to the box or click on Select File.
  • On the next page, choose Wix from the CSV Templates dropdown menu. This will change the field options and will match the Wix CSV formatting.
  • Please verify that the fields are mapped correctly.
  • Finally, click Upload. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll receive a summary message via email identifying how many orders were successfully and unsuccessfully uploaded. If there are errors, please edit your CSV and re-upload those orders.


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