Connect Your Amazon Store to Shippo

Connecting your Amazon Marketplace Account to Shippo allows you to import orders, purchase labels, and send tracking numbers back to Amazon. In this article, learn how to connect your amazon marketplace account to Shippo.

How do I connect an Amazon Store to Shippo?

  • Log in to your Shippo account.
  • Open the Settings tab along the left navigation panel and select Stores.
  • Choose Amazon from the list of stores, and click Connect.
  • Enter your Amazon Store credentials and click Sign in
  • Next, authorize the connection by clicking Confirm.


Can I connect more than one Amazon store to Shippo?

Yes! You can connect multiple Amazon Marketplace Accounts to Shippo. For example, if you have multiple storefronts on Amazon you can connect all of them to your Shippo account. After you connect the first, the Stores Page will show the existing Amazon store connection, below the + Connect Store button.

Click Amazon to enter the store information for any additional merchant account.

  • Orders will be imported in the order that they are received.
  • All orders imported from each Amazon Marketplace Account will be shown together, but you can identify them by order number or buyer name.
  • If you need your orders to stay separate for each of your marketplaces, we recommend opening a different Shippo account for each of your Amazon marketplaces.

See Shippo E-commerce Store Integrations for information on connecting other store channels.


Can I connect an individual seller account?

Shippo supports Professional Seller Accounts, but it is not possible to connect an Individual Seller Plan/Account.


Can I connect a Seller Fulfilled Prime account?

Shippo does not support Seller Fulfilled Prime.


How do I connect my North American Unified Account to Shippo?

An Amazon North American Unified Account is a single Seller ID that can sell on,, and marketplaces. To connect, follow the same connection steps listed above.


What happens after I connect my Amazon Marketplace Account to Shippo?

After you connect, your Amazon orders will automatically import to the Shippo Orders Page. It's important to note that it can take up to 24 hours for all orders to be imported from your store after the initial connection is completed.


Will I be able to see the specific order details like item information?

The orders on the Shippo Orders Page will include all order information like order number, items in the order, quantity, cost of items, cost of shipping your buyers selected, etc. You can reference those details while you create the shipping label in Shippo.


Why are some of my Amazon orders missing in Shippo?

Amazon Orders with a payment status that of "Pending" in Amazon will not be imported immediately.

Orders will be imported into Shippo when the status changes to "Unshipped" after the payment has processed in Amazon.


How do I give the tracking number to my customer?

When you create a shipping label in Shippo using an Amazon order, the order status will be automatically updated in your Amazon Marketplace and tracking information will be sent back to Amazon automatically about 15 minutes after label purchase. This update will trigger Amazon to send an Amazon email notification to your customers. 

If you prefer not to use the Amazon automated email notifications to send the tracking number, you can use Shippo's notifications. See Shipment Notification Emails.


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