How to Connect Squarespace to Ship with Shippo

You can easily connect your Squarespace store to Shippo to facilitate the fulfillment of your orders!

There are two ways to connect your store:

Connect From Squarespace

To connect from Squarespace, simply find the Shippo Extension, and click “Connect to Site”. 


You will be prompted to allow access. Once you do, you will be redirected to the Shippo Orders page, where you will find your most recent Squarespace orders.

Connect from Shippo

You can also connect your Squarespace store directly from your shippo dashboard! To do this, head to Settings > E-Commerce Channels, click the “+Connect Store” button at the top right hand side. Then, click “Connect” next to Squarespace. You will be redirected to Squarespace, where you will be prompted to allow access to Shippo. Once you do, you will be taken back to Shippo so you can start fulfilling your Squarespace orders!

Once your store is connected your last 30 days of orders will be imported into Shippo. Ongoing orders on Squarespace will appear in Shippo shortly after they're completed within your store however you can always ensure the order appears right away in Shippo by clicking on 'Sync Orders' at the top of your Orders Page. Purchasing a shipping label for an order will immediately mark the order as fulfilled on your Squarespace store's dashboard and you will see a tracking number there as well. 

Purchasing postage via Shippo does not trigger an automatic email notification to your customer so we recommend sending that notice manually.

Note: Shippo does not support partial order fulfillment with Squarespace. If you fulfill a partial order outside of Shippo we will not provide any order updates back to Squarespace.


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