How to Send Shipment Notification Emails in Shippo

As consumers we all do it – relentlessly check our order shipments to see when our package will be delivered.

Shippo makes it easy to get an updated shipment notification email to your customers! These notification emails are used to let your customers know their package is on the way and provide the tracking number. 

Frequently asked questions can be found below!


How can I send a shipment notification email to my customers? 

The shipment notifications can either be sent from Shippo or from your online store. Shippo will help you manage when the notification will be sent and from where.

  1. Automatically send your customized shipment notification email from Shippo
  2. Send your store platform's email notification automatically — triggered by Shippo
  3. Send the shipment notification email in Shippo manually at your own discretion




Automated Shipment Notifications sent from Shippo

The easiest way to ensure your customers are notified once their order has shipping/tracking information is to enable the automatic notification in Shippo.

When you purchase a label for an order in Shippo, the automated notification email will be sent. Navigate to the Notifications Page by clicking on Settings and then Notifications in the left navigation panel.



Enable Automation

You can enable/disable this feature by clicking the Edit link to open the Email Notification Settings box.

  • To turn the setting on, check the box to Automatically send shipment notification email after label creation. Click Save

Set Timing of Email

Notifications will be sent immediately when the shipping label is created for the order; however, you can change this default.

  • To delay when the notification email is sent, click the drop-down under How soon after label creation should the email be sent?, and click on your selection. Click Save



Store Platform shipment notification email from your store — triggered by Shippo

If you have customized a shipment notification email in your e-commerce store account, you can choose to have Shippo trigger that email to be sent automatically when you create the label in Shippo.

Note: We recommend only using one automatic method of sending notifications to your customers. Enabling the Automated Shipment Notification in Shippo AND setting up the automation for your Store will result in multiple emails being sent to your customers.


Shopify users

In Shippo, navigate to the Account Settings Page by clicking on Settings and then Account in the left navigation panel. Check the box that says Send notification to customer via Shopify, then click Save Changes. Now, every time you create a shipping label in Shippo for a Shopify order, your Shopify shipment notification email will be sent to your customers automatically.

  • Be sure to have Shopify set to Manually Fulfill your orders. If you have Shopify set to "automatically fulfill," this will conflict with Shippo sending the fulfillment and tracking number.
  • In order to see whether a notification email has been sent, go to your Shopify Orders page, click on the particular order and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see a section called History. If the confirmation email was indeed sent, you’ll see a line that reads, "Shipping confirmation email was sent to the customer.”



Bigcommerce users

You can set up your account so that a notification email is sent to the customer when the status of their order changes - you can learn more about that here. That way, once you print a label in Shippo and Shippo marks the order as fulfilled in Bigcommerce, the email will automatically be sent to the customer.

Magento users

You can set up your account so that a notification email is sent to the customer once an order is processed. You can learn more about that here.

WooCommerce users

You can set up your WooCommerce account so that a notification email is sent to your customer when the status of their order changes to “completed”—you can learn more about that here

  • Note: WooCommerce does not have a specific field for tracking numbers. When an order is completed, Shippo places the tracking number in the “Order Notes” section of each order. The tracking number will NOT be included in the notification email sent from WooCommerce automatically.

Send Shippo's Shipment Notification Email Manually

If you don’t have an e-commerce store and do not want to use automation, you can simply send Shippo’s shipment notification email manually to the customers you choose when you choose. This can be done individually or you can send to group (batch) of orders at one time.

Individual Notification

To send the email for a single order on the Orders Page, click the drop-down arrow next to the Fulfilled button and select Send Notification Email. You also have this same option right after creating a label.


Batch Notifications 

To send the email to a group of customers, check the box to the left of each order on the Orders Page that you wish to send the notification to. Then, click on the arrow next to the Create label for selected orders button at the bottom right of the screen. Select Send email notification for selected orders



Who sends the Shippo email? 

The email will be sent to your customer by Shippo on your behalf. While the sender address will be, we add your email address from your Company Settings as the "Reply-To" address so your customers can contact you if they have questions about their order. 


What does the shipment notification email look like? 

Shippo’s notification email template will include your customer’s name and shipping address and the tracking number for your customer to track their shipment.



Can I add a custom message to the email?

All Shippo customers on a subscription plan (Pro & Premier Plans)can add their own custom message and brand their shipment notification emails sent from Shippo. 

Starter Plans may upgrade to a subscription plan to add custom text and branding: Changing your Shippo subscription plan. See Add Your Company Branding to add your Company Logo and Brand Color to emails.

  1. Enter your custom message in the text box in the Email Notification Settings box
  2. Click Save 

The custom text will appear under the recipient address information on your shipping notification email.


Note: The customized message will only be included in the email if the Automated email setting is turned on. 


What does a customized Shipment Notification Email look like?

You can send yourself a sample email by clicking on Send sample email to my account address on the Notifications Page



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