Connecting a WooCommerce Store with Shippo

When your WooCommerce store is connected to Shippo, your order details will be automatically imported to your Shippo Orders Page and will be marked by a Woo icon.

In this article, learn how to connect and set up WooCommerce with Shippo.

How to Connect to WooCommerce from Inside Shippo

To connect your WooCommerce store in Shippo:

  • Click on the Settings icon and select Stores from the navigation panel on the left.
  • Click +Connect Store and select WooCommerce.
  • Enter your store name and base URL, and click the Connect with WooCommerce button.
  • You'll be directed to WooCommerce to approve the permissions that Shippo needs to operate (i.e., import your orders, send back tracking numbers, etc.). You must click Approve.
  • Once you approve the connection, you'll be directed back to your Orders Page in Shippo, where you'll see your WooCommerce orders listed.



When creating a label for a WooCommerce order in Shippo, Shippo updates the fulfillment status for the order in WooCommerce and also pushes the tracking number back to WooCommerce. WooCommerce does not have a specific field for tracking numbers, so when Shippo sends it over, it will appear in the "Order Notes" section of each order.

Additional Integration Rules:

  • When you change an address in WooCommerce, the address change will also sync over to Shippo.
  • If you change the order status to paid, fulfilled, etc., in WooCommerce, we will update that in Shippo as well.

Difficulty Connecting?

Please reference Troubleshooting Your WooCommerce Connection if you have difficulty following the connection process.



Your store must be live to connect to Shippo.

WooCommerce Shipping Settings

Shipping rates that are available at checkout are not managed by Shippo. You can either setup a flat shipping rate option or set up shipping zones within WooCommerce. For help setting up the shipping zones, we recommend this post—WooCommerce Shipping Zones Setup Guide.

You can reference other WooCommerce resources here:



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