How to Turn On Automatic Insurance

Here at Shippo, we understand how important it is that your packages are delivered safely. We also understand that sometimes, things happen. That's why Shippo offers Shipping insurance, provided by XCover. And now, Shippo gives you the option to add XCover to all of your packages automatically! 

Turning On Automatic Package Protection

To turn on Automatic Package Protection:

  • Open the Settings tab from menu on the left. 
  • Select Insurance.

Here, you will find your Automatic Package Protection options:

  • Automatically add insurance to all my packages.
  • Automatically add insurance to all my packages over a specified value, where you will be asked to: 
    • Select a Currency.
    • And, enter a value that determines whether or not insurance will be added. 
  • Do not automatically add insurance

Once you have chosen your option, click Save:

To learn more about insuring your packages, follow along in our help articles:

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