Adding Insurance to a Package in Shippo

One out of 10 shipments arrive damaged, over 1.7 million packages are lost nationwide daily, and more and more customers say they’re unlikely to repurchase if they had a poor delivery experience.

Most carriers automatically include a basic level of insurance depending on the service level (You can see what USPS provides here—USPS Services Including Insurance), but in Shippo, you can add shipping insurance through Xcover to keep your orders safe, and provide a better customer experience you can add shipping insurance to your shipments in Shippo!

In this article, learn how to add Xcover to your orders in Shippo!

Purchasing Insurance

You can purchase additional insurance for your shipment during the label creation process. 

Shipping insurance purchased through Shippo is provided by XCover, a leading third-party provider of package insurance. You can learn more about the terms and cost here — Shipping Insurance in Shippo


How to add XCover Insurance to your package in the Shippo Web App:

  • From the Orders page, click into the Order you would like to insure.
  • Click Shipment Extras from the sidebar.
  • Click Add next to Shipment Insurance.
  • Choose Insurance by XCover.
  • Then, give the total value of the items inside the package. 
  • To ensure your shipping costs are included in your coverage, update the insurance coverage amount to include the cost of your shipping label. ( refer to screenshots below for reference.)
  • You will then get a quote for insurance on your package. 
  • Lastly, select the desired Label. 



Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 2.41.08 PM.png Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 2.41.50 PM.png


What Email Account is my Insurance Policy Connected To?

When you buy insurance through Shippo using our third-party provider XCover, the insurance policy is linked to the email address entered in the sender's shipment details during label creation. All activation emails and other policy-related correspondence will be sent to this email address. If a sender email is not provided when creating the label, the policy will be connected to the email address of the Shippo account holder on record.


Sender Address Label Creation.png


XCover Account Activation

After purchasing the label, if you have not created an XCover account, you will receive an email asking you to do so. You can manage all of your insurance policies through the XCover portal.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 10.50.33 AM.png

Please refer to the XCover FAQs article for what to expect after insurance is added to your shipment.

Please reference the cost of coverage here — Shipping Insurance in Shippo:




  • You cannot add insurance for a shipping label you've already purchased.

  • Insurance is provided through XCover. You are not purchasing insurance from the carrier.

  • Review the complete XCover's Terms of Service for conditions and exclusions before adding insurance to any shipment.

  • If you need to file a claim, please see Filing a Claim for a Lost or Damaged Shipment.  


Can the Insurance I purchased be refunded?

Insurance can be refunded if the label wasn't used and the Shipment didn't ship. In the event of refunding a label, the cost of insurance will be refunded once the label refund is approved by the postal carrier. 

Insurance cannot be refunded once the insured shipment has been shipped. Your Insurance coverage was still eligible while the package was in transit, so it cannot be refunded. 


API users

Please specify the insurance value and currency in your Shipment call, and your shipment will automatically be covered by XCover.

You'll see in our API documentation that you are able to purchase insurance in the API through XCover or through the carrier directly; however, we recommend the more cost-effective and comprehensive coverage through XCover. 



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