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Filing a Claim for a Lost or Damaged Shipment

Need to file a claim for a lost or damaged shipment? We understand this can be stressful, but we're here to help you navigate filing a claim. 

The carrier you select to ship your package handles all physical processing and delivery of your shipments. Shippo is the label creation platform you've used to create the shipping label, but we do not physically handle packages. 



The shipping carrier you choose, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc., is ultimately responsible for the safe delivery of your shipment. While Shippo isn't responsible for the package and delivery itself, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to file a claim.


Was there a problem with your shipment?

Carrier-provided insurance or purchasing additional insurance can help reduce your level of risk. Shippo provides the option to purchase additional insurance for your shipments using our third-party provider, Shipsurance.


For packages insured by Shipsurance:

  • Complete this form to submit your claim to Shipsurance: Shipsurance Claim Form
  • To file a loss or damage claim with Shipsurance, please review the shipment date for the order, and wait 20 days (for domestic shipments) from that date before filing the claim.



    Just so you know, you will have 120 days from the shipment date to initiate the claim.

    However, for all LOSS claims for shipments sent via the Postal Service or consolidator - If the claim is for a lost package, the Insured must wait 20 calendar days (for Domestic shipments) or 40 calendar days (for International shipments) before filing a claim with Shipsurance.

  • You will provide Shipsurance with your email address when filing the claim. Shipsurance will communicate the progress of your claim.
  • Please be sure to read the Shipsurance Terms of Service if you have any questions about coverage.
  • If you'd like to check the status of your claim, please email


For packages without purchased insurance:

Most carriers include basic liability coverage for some service levels. For more information, please see:

If you did not purchase additional insurance through Shipsurance, please reach out to our Product Support Team to guide you in the claims process. Depending on the carrier and/or service level, liability insurance may be included. Coverage values vary depending on carrier and/or service level.

Our product support team will be able to provide you the necessary steps and claim eligibility if you are experiencing any issue with damage, delays, or loss.


Unsure if you purchased additional insurance through Shipsurance?

You can search for the package on the Shipments Page using the tracking number. You will see "insured" below the rate if additional insurance was purchased.  



Carrier Claim Processes


If you feel your shipment may have been lost in transit, file a Missing Mail search with USPS directly. USPS can also be reached by phone: 1-800-275-8777

To file a claim on a lost or damaged Priority Mail shipment, shippers can file a claim for lost or damaged shipments with USPS at the links below.

If your item arrives damaged or is missing contents, you may file a claim immediately but must file no later than 60 days after the mailing date.

USPS does not offer any coverage on packages shipped via the following service levels:

  • Domestic: Parcel Select & First Class
  • International: First Class International

Click here to view available USPS service levels and coverage.


DHL Express (using Shippo’s discounted rates)

To file a claim on a lost or damaged DHL shipment, claims need to be submitted to DHL within thirty days of the shipment date. Please contact our Product Support team to initiate the process. 

Please refer to DHL Express: Filing a claim.


FedEx (if you purchased their insurance via the API)

To file a claim for US domestic, international shipments that originated from the US, and Canada shipments to the US, please use the FedEx online claim process.

To file a claim for international shipments originating from outside the US, contact the FedEx International Customer Service at 1.800.463.3339 for assistance.

Make sure to file your claim for damaged or missing contents 60 calendar days from the shipment date for U.S. domestic packages and 21 calendar days from the shipment date for international packages. Non-delivery or misdelivery claims must be filed within nine months of the shipment date.


UPS (Shippo Master Account – US & Canada)

  • For lost or damaged claims, for shipments purchased through Shippo's Master UPS accounts only, please follow the instructions below to initiate the claims process. This process is ONLY for labels purchased with our master account due to contractual and security reasons.
  • If you need assistance in determining which account your UPS shipment was purchased with please contact, we are happy to assist you. 
  • UPS must receive notice of claim within 60 days of the label shipment date. Please confirm your package is within this timeline before proceeding. 
  • If additional insurance was purchased through our third party provider, Shipsurance, refer to the section above titled, “For packages insured by Shipsurance.
  • If a claim is approved, UPS basic liability insurance covers up to $100 for the contents of your shipment – plus the reimbursement of postage fees.
UPS Lost/Damaged Claims

To start your request with our Carrier Claims team, please complete the linked form below in its entirety. UPS requires all requested information to successfully initiate the claim.



UPS requires all requested information to successfully initiate the claim. Do not dispose of any packaging or damaged contents in the event UPS requires an inspection.

Once the form has been submitted, our team will review your submission and follow up within two business days to discuss the next steps.


UPS (Personal Accounts)

To file a claim with UPS (when labels were created using your personal UPS account), please have your tracking number available and head to their online claims page.

For damaged shipments, see the UPS damaged package claims process.

For lost shipments, see the UPS lost package claims process.


If your label was created using Shippo's master account, please follow the instructions here.

In the app, you'll be able to see the difference between the two.






OnTrac (if you purchased their insurance via the API)

To file a claim for a lost or damaged shipment, please submit the Ontrac claims form to the Ontrac Claims Department:


Attn: Claims

2501 S. Price Road, Suite 201

Chandler, AZ 85286

All claims regarding loss or damage to any shipment must be submitted in writing to OnTrac within 30 days of delivery of the shipment.

To request credit for a late shipment, please submit your requests in writing to OnTrac within 15 days of your invoice date. Please direct all requests for shipping credits to the Billing Department, at 877.227.5139.


See the Ontrac FAQ for more information.



Guaranteed Service Requests


Despite the name "Priority Mail 2-Day," USPS does not guarantee the shipping time of their 2 or 3 day shipping options. They guarantee delivery for only Priority Mail Express shipments, for which you have a Money-Back Guarantee. USPS does not offer this option for their other types of shipments.

  • Click here for more details from USPS on Priority Mail delivery times.

If it is within 30 days of when your Priority Mail Express package was shipped, you may take advantage of your Priority Mail Express Money Back Guarantee. Refunds for Priority Mail Express service failures can only be requested and processed at your local Post Office.

If there is a discrepancy with the refund amount after you have completed the refund process with USPS, please contact Shippo Support so we may refund the remaining portion of your label fee.

USPS does not offer any coverage on packages shipped:

  • Domestic: Parcel Select
  • International: First Class International


DHL Express

DHL no longer offers money back guarantees on delayed shipments.


FedEx (if you did not purchase their insurance via the API)

To request a billing adjustment from FedEx for a service failure, such as a delayed delivery or a damaged package, click here.



If UPS did not attempt delivery by the guaranteed date and time (i.e UPS Next Day air was purchased, delivery took 3 business days), your shipment may be eligible for a refund. 

Please note, UPS has made changes to eligibility requirements for certain service level for the most up to date service guarantees please visit UPS Service Guarantees. If your service level is covered please contact within 15 calendar days of the scheduled delivery date, with the tracking number. 

UPS will not honor Guaranteed Service Refunds if the package has any of the following surcharges applied:

  • Large Package Surcharge
  • Additional Handling Fee
    • In some cases, you can check the transaction in Admin and see a message from UPS stating an Additional Handling fee was automatically applied when the label was purchased. 
  • Undeliverable Packages that are returned to the sender. 



Carrier Coverage

Most carriers offer basic liability insurance, which is automatically included, depending on the service level of the shipment. If your shipment value is over $100, we recommend purchasing additional insurance through our third party provider, Shipsurance. 

If you wish, you can skip purchasing insurance through Shippo for such a shipment, below are the available insurance thresholds:

Carrier Type Coverage Limit
DHL Express International $11.34/LB
FedEx Domestic $100.00
FedEx International $100.00
Purolator Domestic $100.00
Purolator International $100.00
UPS Domestic $100.00
UPS International $100.00
USPS Domestic - Express Mail $100.00
USPS  International- Express Mail $200.00





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