Canada Post Services Available in Shippo (Including Insurance)

In this article learn about all of the services for Canada Post available in Shippo.

Canada Post labels can be created through our discounted carrier account which is provided to all Shippo accounts automatically, or by connecting your own Canada Post account.

If you would like to learn how to connect your Canada Post account to Shippo, follow our guide: Connect Your Own Carrier Account.




eBay Canada merchants have access to an exclusive Canada Post account provided by eBay Canada. This can be used to fulfill orders imported automatically from eBay Canada.


You can purchase Canada Post shipping labels for the following service levels using Shippo:

Shipping within Canada

  • Regular Parcel
  • Expedited Parcel
  • Xpresspost
  • Priority

Shipping to the United States

  • Small Packet USA Air
  • Tracked Packet USA
  • Expedited Parcel USA
  • Xpresspost USA 

Worldwide Shipping

  • Small Packet International —  Surface & AirExpedited ParcelTracked Packet USA 
  • Tracked Packet International — Air
  • International Parcel — Surface & Air
  • Xpresspost International
  • Xpresspost International

Canada Post includes basic liability insurance coverage for several of these services at no extra


Note:  Additional insurance coverage can be purchased in Shippo—see Adding Insurance to a Package 

Insurance coverage does not apply to non-trackable service levels.


Canada Post Domestic Insurance

 Service Level  Included Insurance
 Regular Parcel  No coverage included
 Expedited Parcel  Up to $100 included
 Xpresspost  Up to $100 included
 Priority  Up to $100 included


See Compare Shipping Services


Canada Post International USA Insurance

 Service Level  Included Insurance
 Small Packet USA Air  No coverage included
 Tracked Packet USA  Up to $100 included
 Expedited Parcel USA  Up to $100 included
 Xpresspost USA   Up to $100 included


See Compare Shipping Services


Canada Post Worldwide Insurance

 Service Level  Included Insurance
 Small Packet International —  Surface & Air  No coverage included
 Tracked Packet International — Air  Up to $100 included
 International Parcel — Surface & Air  Up to $100 included
 Xpresspost International  Up to $100 included
 Priority Worldwide  Up to $100 included


See Compare Shipping Services


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