How to Configure your Label Settings

Here at Shippo, we understand that you may be printing labels from a variety of formats, so we've made it easy to update label settings to accommodate your preferred printing method.

In this guide, we will go over how to access, configure, and customize your Labels in Shippo.

How to Access your Label Settings

To Update your Label Settings:

  • Start by clicking the Settings Icon from the dashboard.
  • Next, click Labels and Packing Slips

Here you can view, configure and customize your Label settings.  



By default, labels will be set to 8.5x11in PDF – this setting accommodates a home office printer. If using a 4x6 Thermal Label Printer, you’ll want to be sure to change your default settings!


Configuring your Label Settings

Print Preferences

The Print Preferences field is where you will set the size for the labels you'll create in Shippo. 

Choose your Print Order from the dropdown menu:

  • Print Labels and Slips Separately 
  • Collate Labels and Packing Slips
  • Single Page Label and Packing Slip

Then, select your Label Format and size. Each Print Order will offer different label and packing slip formats and sizes in the dropdown menu.

Shippo also supports several other specialty label sizes unique to certain carriers, such as 4x8 inch for DHL Germany and A4/A6 PDF for Fastway Australia, for example. 




If you change the default format in the future, it will only apply to NEW labels that you create. Labels you've already created will not be changed.  


Add text on label

The Add text on label field allows you to customize your shipping label with up to two lines of text. To Add text to your Label:

  • Check the Use Order Number box to have the unique order number for each label printed on the label. 
  • Any text you manually enter on the first or second lines will be printed on all labels. 
  • Custom text will be printed at the bottom right of USPS domestic labels (see USPS Shipping Label Examples). The location of the custom text for other carriers will depend on that particular carrier. 


Default Service Level

Shippo's design allows you to compare rates from multiple carriers and multiple service levels before purchasing your shipping label. If you generally ship using the same carrier and service level for most of your shipments, you can bypass the comparison by setting your preference.

To designate your preferred carrier and service level:

  • Open the Select a Carrier drop-down.
  • Select your preferred carrier.
  • Then, open the Select a service level dropdown and select a service level from the carrier chosen in the last step. 
  • Click Save.


Default return label service level

With the outbound labels, you can designate your preferred carrier and service level for return labels.

To designate your preferred carrier and service level for return labels:

  • Navigate to the Default return label service level section.
  • Open the Select a carrier dropdown menu and select a carrier.
  • Then, open the Select a service level for returns dropdown menu and select a service level.
  • Click Save.

Check the box for Auto-create return labels for outbound shipments if you want to automatically create a return label at the same time as the outbound labels (see Create Return Labels in Shippo).


Next, let's learn how to setup and customize our Packages in the Package Settings. 


Next Step: Customize your Package Settings 



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