Creating your Shippo Account

Thanks for choosing Shippo! We know you’ll love how easy it is to ship your first package and save money shipping using the power of Shippo’s e-commerce platform.

You’re now part of a global community of over 100,000 brands and over 85 global carrier partners that use Shippo to power their businesses. You’ll find the absolute best rates from top carriers and everything you need for professional shipping in one place.

Shippo’s platform gives your business the freedom to work the way you know best while streamlining logistics, saving you both time and money. Hats off to making a great decision! 

Setting Up Your Account 

Now that you’ve decided Shippo is the platform for you, it’s time to set up your account! In this section, we’ll cover the basics of setting up your account.

Get Started by:

  • Click Sign Up Free in the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Name, Email Address, and a Password
  • Then, click Get Started.


Company Information

After signing in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your company information, including your: 

  • Current store platform
  • Primary preferred carrier
  • and average monthly shipment volume

You’ll be prompted to connect your store platform during final setup, so don’t worry about remembering your store’s login information at this step.





When calculating your monthly shipment volume, we recommend providing an average between your highest and lowest volume months. We use this number to ensure you get the best rates!


Shipping Preferences

After entering your company details, you’ll be prompted to enter your shipping preferences. These will be your default label, package, and carrier settings that Shippo will use when purchasing labels!

To learn more, check out these articles for more information on these settings:


Adding Orders

After updating your shipping preferences, it’s time to add orders! If you are selling through one of the Shippo E-commerce Store Integrations, you will be able to connect your store to Shippo in this step.

You can also chose to add orders via spreadsheet (CSV file) or just create orders manually as you go: Uploading Orders via CSV



As part of this process, you'll also be able to enter your sender address. This address will remain your default address, but can be updated under the settings tab.

And that’s it! The initial setup process is complete.

Before we get started with your first label, let’s make sure to update your account information. We’ll do that in the next section!



Next Section: Update Your Account

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