How to Manage Addresses in Shippo

The Addresses Page in your Shippo dashboard is where your shipping addresses are stored. You can add multiple addresses if you are shipping from multiple locations.

In this article, we will go over how to manage your addresses in Shippo!


Adding a New Address

To access the Addresses Page:

  • Clicking Settings.
  • Then select Addresses on the left navigation panel. .

To add a new address:

  • Click on the + New Address button at the top right of the screen to add a new shipping address. 

Complete each field for the new address and click the Save button.

  • The Company field is optional.
  • The Phone field is optional in Shippo; however, some carriers require a phone number for domestic shipments. 
  • A phone number is required for all international shipments. 
  • The Name field cannot be left blank. Please enter your Company name in the Name field if you do not wish to use your personal name for shipping.


Changing an Address

To change an address:

  • Click on the Edit link to the right of an address to make any changes.
  • Then, click the Save button. 


Sender Address & Return Address

You have two types of shipping addresses in Shippo — the Sender Address and the Return Address. By default, the first address entered in Shippo will be used for both the default sender and default return address for your account, but you do have the option to use a different address.

Sender Address 

  • the location from where you'll be shipping your package
  • used to calculate the correct postage for your shipment — be sure your package is sent from within the same postal code as the sender address to avoid any rate discrepancies
  • will also be printed on the label if you do not have a default return address

Return Address

  • the address that will be printed on your label
  • used for returns if the carrier cannot complete the delivery

Setting Defaults

Click on the Edit link to the right of an address to select or deselect the address as a default sender or return address.

In the address box pop-up window, check the box next to Set as default sender address or Set as default return address. Click the Save button to save your selection.

Setting a different address as the new default sender or default return address will automatically deselect any prior default.


Deleting an Address

Click on the Edit link to the right of the address you wish to delete. Then, click the Delete Address link. Confirm you wish to delete the address in the pop-up window by clicking the Delete button.

You cannot delete an address that is set as the default sender or default return address. Set any other address as the default first. You'll then see the Delete Address option.

Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_11.07.20_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_11.08.12_AM.png


Shopify Locations

Shopify merchants using Shippo will have their Shopify locations imported to Shippo automatically. Please reference Shopify Locations in Shippo



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