How to Use Shippo with Zapier

Zapier is an easy to use automation tool for busy people. Zapier moves info between 1,000+ web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. You can use Shippo’s Zapier integration to trigger workflows based on common activities in Shippo like getting a new order, creating a label, tracking updates, and more.

Installing the Shippo Zapier App

You can install the Shippo app directly within Zapier.

You can also install the app from this page: Install the Shippo Zapier App


Supported Zapier Triggers, Searches and Actions

Supported Triggers

  • New Order: triggered when a new order was created or imported
  • New Shipping Label: triggered when a new shipping label was purchased

Also, you can trigger actions based on tracking updates (e.g. “your shipment was delivered to recipient”) with Zapier’s webhook app:

Supported Actions

  • Create Order: create a new order in Shippo

Supported Searches

  • Find Order: find an order based on its ID
  • Find Shipping Label: find a label based on its ID

How to Get Started With Zapier + Shippo

  • The first thing you'll need to do is connect your Shippo Account to Zapier.
  • You can log in with your existing Shippo account or create a new account.
  • You will then be asked to authorize the connection, so that Zapier can access your Shippo account.



Using Triggers

Shippo supports triggers for new orders or new labels. 


New Order Trigger

Shippo triggers for New Orders whenever an order is created in Shippo -- either by Shippo automatically importing an order from one of your connected e-commerce channels, or when you create an order yourself via our web app or API.

In Zapier, you can access all relevant order fields, such as status, recipient information ("address_to"), line items, selected shipping method & much more.

New Label Trigger

Shippo triggers for New Labels whenever a label was created / purchased in Shippo. The available fields include the label URL, tracking number, carrier name, service level name & more. If the label was created for a specific order, there's also a field with the corresponding order ID. You can use this ID to search for the order in Zapier with the Order Search.


Using Actions

You can also create Orders in Shippo with the Create Order action. Based on any trigger of your choice, you can push all relevant order information into Shippo. As an example, you can connect Big Cartel with Shippo by using the Big Cartel order trigger and the Shippo order action like this:


Tracking Updates Webhook

You can also use Shippo for tracking update triggers. Any label created on Shippo is automatically tracked. For any tracking update, Shippo sends webhooks. You can set up a Zap to consume this webhook and trigger actions based on those tracking updates.

To set up a tracking update trigger based on webhooks, you need to use the built-in Zapier webhook app:


You can skip the Child Key option in the next step. Zapier will then give you a URL that needs to be set up in your Shippo webhook settings:

  • Start by logging in to your Shippo account.
  • From the dashboard, open the Settings tab.
  • Then, click API.
  • Select track updated and Live from the webhook dropdown menus:


If you want to send a sample to Zapier, you can temporarily set the webhook to "Test" and save it, which will give you the option to send a Sample Webhook.

Once the trigger is set up in Zapier, you can add Searches or Actions. Based on the webhook content you can, for instance, search for and retrieve the corresponding label and/or order information.


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