Tracking Pages

Tracking Pages allow you to customize tracking notifications in a style that connects with your buyers. With Shippo’s tracking pages you can include your logo, display ads, and social plugins all within the Shippo app.

Tracking pages are available in all of Shippo’s plans, however, the ability to brand them with your logo, display ads, and social plugins is only available in the Pro and Premier plans. If you are on the Starter plan you will still have access to a Shippo-powered tracking page, however, it will not feature your branding.

If you are on a Shippo Pro or Premier plan, you’ll want to start by setting up the branding on your branding tab in Shippo. To access this, click on "Settings" on the left toolbar, then click on the "Branding" tab. On this page, you will set your Company Name, upload a PNG (.png file type) of your logo, and select your brand color. For more detailed information about Branding, you can view this Help Center Article.


Once your branding is complete you can edit your Tracking Pages by clicking "Settings" on the left toolbar of your Shippo account, then click on the "Tracking Page" tab.


On this page, you will set your Header, upload an ad URL, and enter the URL’s for your social media platforms. Once your Tracking page is complete, click the Publish button and the tracking link will be included in your notification emails that are sent to your customers. Clicking 'See live example' will generate a mock tracking page based on all of your branding and customization work that has been saved.

Note: If you are on a Starter plan and wish to upgrade to a Pro or Premier plan to gain access to customized Tracking Pages, this article can help you decide which plan is best for you.

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