How to Add Your Company Branding in Shippo

Adding your company branding creates a professional and seamless experience for your customers.  All Shippo customers on a subscription plan (Pro & Premier Plans) can customize communications from Shippo with personalized branding! 

In this article we'll cover how to add your company branding and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about branding in Shippo.


Keep in mind:

This feature is only available with the Pro Plan. 

Add Your Company Branding

To add your company's custom branding:

  • Click on Settings along the left navigation panel, then click on Branding.
  • Then, upload your Logo and Brand Colors.
  • Click Save.






What are the size/format requirements for my Company Logo?

The Company Logo should be a high-quality PNG (.png file type). The image will be resized to 60 pixels square to fit best on the Packing Slip and Tracking Page. The image will appear in grayscale on Packing Slips.


Can I add my Brand Color or will it show in grayscale?

Brand Color will be applied to all digital communications but will not be applied to Packing Slips to conserve colored ink in printing.


Where does my branding apply?

Your Company Logo and Brand Color will be applied to:  

  • Shipment Email Notifications 
  • Tracking Page links that are sent with email notifications

Your Company Logo and grayscale will be applied to: 

  • Packing Slips 

Brand Color will not be applied to Packing Slips to conserve colored ink in printing.


How can Starter Plan users add their personalized branding in Shippo?

Starter Plans may upgrade to a subscription plan to add their company branding: Changing your Shippo subscription plan




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