How to Create and Purchase a Label for an Existing Order in Shippo

Once you have connected your store to your Shippo account, it's just a matter of time until you will start to see your Orders appearing in your Shippo account.

In this guide, learn how to create and purchase a label for an existing order. 

Create a Label for an Existing Order

To Create a Label for an existing Order in Shippo:

  • Open the Orders tab from the main dashboard. 
  • Select the Order you wish to create a Label for. 

When connected to a store, your orders will populate on the Orders Page. If you have created an automation based on your store items and package templates, Shippo will list available rates. You will then only need to:

  • Select the Label you would like to purchase from the available rates, and click Buy.

If you haven't set up automation, no worries! You just need to fill out the order details, and Shippo will do the rest! 

  • Click + Add package info.
  • Select Custom Dimensions for your own box, use a Carrier-Provided Parcel, or select your own Parcel Template.
  • Enter the Dimensions and Weight.
  • Check the Use imported weight box for store or CSV orders with weights in Shippo.
  • Click Save.

Then, choose to add Additional Services. Here you can:

Next, Confirm the Sender and Return Addresses:

The last steps are to purchase, download and Print your Label!

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