How to Create Return Labels in Shippo

With any business, returns are inevitable. Luckily, Shippo has made the shipping end of returns quick and easy! In this guide, we will go over the three ways you can create return labels for outbound shipments purchased in Shippo.



International Return Labels are not available through Shippo.

Create a Return Label at the Same Time as the Outbound Label

The quickest way to create a return label is doing so while creating your outbound label:

  • Select the Order you want to create a return label for from the Orders Page
  • Click Package Options in the Side bar.
  • Select Create a return label.
  • Continue with your label purchase.



Return labels must be from the same carrier as the original outbound shipment. 


Create a Return Label at a Later Time

Another way to create a return label is to do so after you have already created the outbound label. 

To create a return label at a later time:

  • From the Shipments Page Or, from the Orders Page, click on the drop-down menu on your order and select Create Return Label.
  • Enter the Package Dimensions and Weight.
  • Click Buy.
  • Download and Print.

Return labels will be listed on the Shipments Page after purchase and will have Return noted in the Tag column.

Automated Return Labels

To automate your Return Labels, you will need to set up default return label preferences on the Labels Page in your Shippo account:

  • Navigate to the Labels Page by clicking on Settings and then Labels in the left navigation panel.
  • Scroll down to the Return Label Options section.
  • Check Auto-create return labels for outbound shipments.
  • Click Save.

This will create a scan-based return label automatically for any outbound label that you purchase.

Additional Information about Return Labels:

  • Both an outbound label and return label will be created.

  • Return labels are Pay when shipped, or "scan-based", so you will not see the cost of the return label in the purchase confirmation pop-up.

  • Clicking Download Label will include both the outbound label and return label to be printed at the same time.

  • Both the Outbound Label and the Return Label will be listed on the Shipments Page.

  • The recipient and sender addresses will be automatically swapped once the label is created.

  • Both labels will be the same carrier and the same shipping method (e.g. both USPS Priority Mail or both First Class Package).

  • Both labels will use the same dimensions/weight input during label creation.

    Should your customer need to return a shipment using a box with different dimensions/weight, we recommend creating the return label separately as outlined above.

    Creating the return label separately allows you to change the dimensions and weight


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