How to Change Shipment Dates in Shippo

In Shippo, the shipment date is automatically set to the current day’s date, but you can change it to a future date to account for the time needed to process and package the order.



Most carriers are very strict about the shipment date, so we recommend being cautious. Carriers may accept a package with a shipment date in the future, but often they will refuse or return a package with a shipment date in the past.


To Change the Shipment Date:

  • From the Orders page, click into the order you would like to change the shipping date of. 
  • Click Shipment Date.
  • Select the date you plan to mail the package:


Regardless of when you set that future shipment date, if your settings are such that Shippo automatically sends your shipment notification email, that email will still be sent on the day that you create and purchase the label, not on the shipment date, unless you've set it up for a delay: Shipment Notification Emails.

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