Locating your Site ID and Password for DHL Express

Use Shippo's DHL Express integration to connect your personal DHL Express account to create shipping labels to ship anywhere in the world.

Adding your personal DHL Express Account:

When connecting your personal DHL Express account in Shippo, you need the following information:

  1. Account Nickname (This is for your Shippo internal reference only and is not a required field)
  2. DHL Express Account Number
  3. Site ID
  4. Password
  5. Registered Country

Shippo requires the DHL account number, site ID, password, and registered country for security purposes.

Locating your DHL Express Site ID and Password:

Your DHL Express Site ID and password are different from your normal login information on the DHL Express website.

DHL Express Account Number

When signing up with DHL Express, you will receive an email from DHL Express with two account numbers. One is for exports and one is for imports. You require the Export account number to enter in the DHL Express Account Number field.

DHL Express Site ID and Password

To obtain your DHL Express Site ID and Password you must register in the DHL API Developer Portal.

Once registered in the DHL Developer Portal, log into the portal and click on the avatar on the top right hand corner to see your Dashboard.

Under apps, click on the App name you want to connect to.

Under credentials, both “API Key” and “API Secret”, are hidden. Click  “Show Key” under each one. The API Key is your Site ID, and the API Secret is your Password.


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