How to Add Shippo's Canada Post Carrier Account

Shippo now offers a Canada Post Carrier Account for all our customers, giving you immediate access to Shippo’s discounted Canada Post rates. In this article, learn how to add Shippo's Canada Post's Carrier Account!

Adding the Shippo Canada Post Carrier Account

To add Shippo's Canada Post's Carrier Account:

  • Get started by clicking the Settings icon and selecting Carriers.
  • Scroll down to Canada Post from the list of carriers and then click Activate Account.
  • If you have address information listed on your Addresses page in Shippo, this information will be automatically populated in the pop-up box. If you do not have address information listed on your addresses page, you will need to enter the contact information in the box that displays
  • Click the box to agree to Canada Post’s terms and conditions, then click Submit.
  • Once the account is created, you will see Canada Post rates for your Shippo orders originating in Canada!



Orders that sync from eBay Canada will not be eligible for Shippo's Canada Post Carrier Account. eBay Canada Merchants will have their own Canada Post account, dedicated for eBay orders. For more details, please see: Using Shippo for eBay Canada Shipping


How does billing work with the Canada Post Carrier Account?

When using the Shippo Canada Post Carrier Account, all billing will be done through Shippo, and we will bill you following our regular billing process.


Canada Post FAQs

How do I file a claim or dispute for a Canada Post label created through Shippo's Carrier Account?

All claims and disputes for lost or damaged packages, as well as surcharges, will be handled by Shippo Support for our customers. 

If you have a problem with your shipment, please contact us at or through live chat/phone by clicking the Support button within your Shippo dashboard.

When reaching out to support, please have the following information handy:

  • Tracking number for the shipment
  • Explanation of what happened (was the package lost or damaged, was a surcharge applied incorrectly).

Once we have this information, we will contact Canada Post on your behalf to work with them on your claim.


Please note tracking is not available for the following services:

  • Canada Post Small Packet USA Air
  • Canada Post Small Packet International Air
  • Canada Post Small Packet International Surface


Can I schedule package pickups?

Currently, package pickups for labels purchased with Shippo's Canada Post Carrier Account are not supported.


How do I request a refund for Canada Post labels created on Shippo's Carrier Account?

If you wish to request a refund for a Canada Post label, you can follow the steps outlined here: Refund a Label.

If a label is not used, Shippo will credit you for the cost of the label. The credit will then be applied toward future label purchases and will be deducted from your next invoice.



We are always happy to remove the credit (if it has not been applied to an invoice) and issue the refund back to your payment method on file when requested.


If you use a Canada Post label after a refund has been credited to you, Shippo will bill you again for the shipping fees.


How will surcharges be applied for Canada Post labels?

Shippo will receive any applicable surcharges from Canada Post weekly and will pass those on to you. The most common mistakes that can result in surcharges include entering incorrect package weight, package dimensions, or destination address.

You can find more information about each surcharge and how to avoid them at: Canada Post Insufficient Postage Surcharges. 


Can packages purchased through Shippo's Canada Post Carrier Account be intercepted/redirected? 

Yes! Shippo Support ( will be happy to help with these requests.


Keep in mind, there is a $13 fee from Canada Post for package intercepts. When reaching out to Support,  the following will help speed up the request:

  • Tracking number
  • Confirmation that you accept the $13 fee + Cost of shipping (this amount varies—please reach out to our team so we can let you know the exact charge for you to approve or deny)
  • Address used on the label
  • Corrected address
Tracked parcels destined for Canadian addresses, and processed through the Canada Post domestic network, are eligible. Canada Post-tracked parcels destined for the United States or other international countries which are still in Canada are also eligible, although the redirected address must be a Canadian address.

Ineligible packages include, but are not limited to:
  • Items confirmed as out for delivery or delivered
  • Items where the redirected address is outside of Canada
  • Items that are not or are no longer in the Canada Post domestic mail stream
  • Return to sender items

These requests are all subject to Package Redirection Terms and Conditions from Canada Post 


Test Mode

Shippo's Canada Post Carrier Account supports Test Mode, without needing a second account dedicated for testing (unlike personal accounts). Please refer to Using Test Mode in Shippo

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