How to Create an International Label in Shippo

Shippo Supports international shipping globally!

  • From the United States: International discounted rates are available automatically through Shippo's UPS, DHL Express and USPS account provided to all Shippo users. See Discounts in Shippo
  • From other countries globally: International shipping is available globally by connecting your own DHL Express, UPS, and FedEx accounts enabled for worldwide shipping. See Connect Your Own Carrier Account

Creating a Shipping Label for an International (Cross-Border) Shipment in Shippo is easy! In this article, we'll cover the steps necessary to create your label. 


How to Create an International Shipping Label

To get started creating an international shipping label, you will first need to enter in the sender and recipient addresses.

To add the sender and recipient addresses:

  • Click Create Label at the top right of your Shippo Orders Page.
  • Enter the Sender and Recipient Addresses (phone numbers are required for international shipments). 
  • Click Save and Continue.

Next, add Items to Declare for Customs:

  • Scroll to the Items section of the Order Information
  • Click Add Customs Items and enter the Description, Quantity, Unit Weight, Unit Value, and Country of Origin (SKU Code is optional)
  • Click Add and repeat for additional items

Then, Add the Package Information:

  • Click + Add package info.
  • Select Custom Dimensions for your own box or use a Carrier-Provided Parcel.
  • Enter the Dimensions and Weight (Package Weight must be equal to or greater than the total weight of the order items).
  • Click Save.

    You will also have the option to add Select Additional Services:

Editing Your Customs Details

To ship internationally, you are required to edit your customs details for the country you are shipping to.



Without entering the required information, your package may not be accepted through customs. 

  • Click Edit Customs in the label creation flow.
  • Here you are required to enter the following information:
    • Choose the Type of Content you are shipping from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose a Return handling option from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose an Incoterm option from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter a Signing person
  • Click Save.




If the shipment qualifies for Paperless Trade, you'll see this banner at the top and will not need to print a physical Commercial Invoice

Purchasing Your Label

The last step is to purchase and download your label:

  • Choose your Label Rate:
    • Click on the rate you wish to purchase from the list of options at the right.
  • Click Buy.
    • Click Buy at the top right.
    • Click Purchase to confirm.
  • Download and Print Your Documents
    • Click Download Label
    • Click Download Packing Slip.
    • Click Download Commercial Invoice (some carriers include this in the Label download, see Customs Declarations in Shippo).

Optional: Send Email Notification


Additional Resources

For details on the ins-and-outs of international shipping, please reference our guides on:



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