Action Required: Update for FedEx Four-Factor Authentication

FedEx now requires four-factor authentication for all connected accounts. Because of this, Shippo updated the flow for connecting FedEx accounts.

This means that you need you'll need to update:

  • The integration with Shippo’s Account Creation API.
  • Any existing Fedex accounts that you or your users that already connected to Shippo.

How to Update your Fedex Account Connected to Shippo

There are 2 ways that you or your users can update a FedEx account that is connected to Shippo:

  1. Use the Shippo Web Dashboard to update your connection directly in browser. 

  2. Alternatively, you can do so via API by sending a PUT request that contains:

Here is an example request:




If you allow your customers to connect FedEx accounts via the Shippo API within your platform, you must update your platform to intake the additional fields for four-factor and use the above API request format for connecting new accounts.


Have questions? Need help? We put together a quick how-to guide for updating your account information.



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