UPS Package Pickups in Shippo

Note: This article relates to labels purchased through a UPS Marketplace account. At this time, package pickups are not supported through Shippo's Master UPS account.

Now that you've purchased a UPS shipping label and have your package ready, you need to get it to UPS for transit and delivery.

How does UPS get your packages? You can either:

Have pickup questions? See our UPS Package Pickups FAQs.


UPS Package Pickups

UPS offers four different pickup options:

  1. Smart Pickups
  2. On-call Pickups
  3. Daily Pickups
  4. Route Pickups


Smart Pickups

If you plan to use UPS regularly, we recommend using Smart Pickups. With Smart Pickups, UPS will come to your address to pick up packages on days that you create shipments in Shippo. UPS only comes if you created shipments for that day. Click here to learn more.

On-call Pickups

Schedule on-call pickups as needed. Click here to schedule or call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

Daily Pickups

Schedule daily pickups, or choose specific days for pickup each week. Click here to learn more.

Route Pickups

Schedule on route pickups. With on route pickups, a UPS driver will stop at your address every day while they are out making deliveries. With this option, you still get daily pickups, while also reducing the environmental impact by allowing UPS to combine deliveries and pickups on one route. Click here to learn more.



UPS Package Pickups FAQs


Understand and Compare Pricing for all UPS Pickup Options

Pickup Type Description Cost
UPS Smart Pickup Arrange pickups automatically only when you have packages to ship $5.00
On-Route Pickup UPS will stop at your location each day (whether you have shipments or not) while they are in your area for deliveries. Cost is based on weekly spending totals (<$75/>$75). $10/$20 
On-Call Pickup UPS will come to pick up your packages when you call them. $3.80
Daily Pickup UPS will automatically stop at your business location once per business day, as scheduled $10/$25


What is Smart Pickup?

The UPS Smart Pickup option uses innovative technology to automatically arrange a pickup only when you have packages to ship. This is a great option if you plan to use UPS regularly and want to save time and money on scheduling one-off pickups.


How do I select a regular pickup service with UPS?

In order to use setup your pickup, please follow these simple steps below to set up your pickup options.  

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to “My Profile” drop-down menu and select "Payment Options".
  3. Choose your account under "My Payment Methods".
  4. Select "Edit" under Actions, and then "Pickup Options".
  5. Choose your option.
  6. Fill out your preferred pickup times and driver instructions.
  7. Select "Save".


How do I change my pickup address? 

In order to edit your pickup address, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to “My Profile” drop-down menu and select "Payment Options".
  3. Choose your account under "My Payment Methods".
  4. Select "Edit" under Actions, and then "Location Address".
  5. Edit your Address information and select “Save”.
  6. Select “Save”.
  7. Please review your pickup options select “Continue”.


Error note says “Pickup address is invalid” – what could be the issue?

Please verify that your address is not a PO box.



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