Managing Your API Tokens in Shippo

You can manage the API tokens for your Shippo API integration on the API Page in your Shippo dashboard.


Navigating to the API Page

The API Page is found by:

  • Click the Settings icon
  • Navigate to the Advanced settings at the bottom of the navigation panel on the left.
  • Then select API.

Both the Live Tokens and Test Tokens are located here. 

Generate a Token

  • To generate a Live Token, click on the Generate Token button in the Live Tokens section.
  • To generate a Test Token, click on the Generate Token button in the Test Tokens section. 
  • The Live Token should be used for most functions in production. The Test Token should be used when you want to test out the API end-to-end and purchase test shipping labels. You'll need to set your carrier accounts to test mode as well. You can reference our Test Mode documentation here

Retrieve a Token

Tokens are masked in your dashboard for security and cannot be retrieved. You will only be able to view your token one time when you first generate the token. Please make a note of it at that time. If you need a token, you must generate a new one using the Generate Token button.


You'll see a pop-up window displaying your token and a message reminding you it is the only time it can be viewed.


Manage your Tokens

You can have up to two active Live tokens and two active Test tokens for a single Shippo account. If you have two active tokens, the Generate Token button will change to Max of 2 tokens reached.

To generate a new token when you've already reached the maximum of two, you'll need to remove one first. Click on the Manage Your Tokens button, remove one of your tokens, and click Done. Then, you can generate another one with the Generate Token button. 




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