How to Integrate the Shippo API

Integrating your E-commerce store with the Shippo API is an incredible way to automate and customize Shippo for your needs. That being said, the process of integrating Shippo's API to your E-commerce site is not a beginner's task and may require the skill set of a qualified engineer.  
If you don't have engineers on your team, then no worries; you'll be using Shippo straight through our web interface!
The best place to start if you're going to be integrating our API is our simple API overview guide to learn all there is to know about getting started.
To create shipping labels through the API, you need to integrate the following API endpoints: 
  • Address: to create the addresses of the sender and recipient (and return address, if applicable).
  • Parcel: to create packages you want to ship.
  • Shipment: to combine the sender address, recipient address, and parcel.
  • Rate: to retrieve shipping rates for a given shipment.
  • Transaction: to purchase a label for a given rate.

We also offer API wrappers in Ruby, Python, PHP, and NodeJS at

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