Shippo API FAQs

The resource for questions about implementing Shippo through our API is our API documentation. Some common questions are addressed below.


Carrier Accounts

For more information on managing multiple carrier accounts using Shippo's API, including information about Carrier Account objects and the different carriers we offer, please see the Carrier Accounts page of our API documentation. 


Address Validation

For more information on how to validate addresses using Shippo's API, including details on address validation logic and API calls, please see the Address Validation Guide in our API documentation. 

Also, see API Address Validation.


Tracking API

For more information on how to track packages using Shippo's API, including details on tracking objects and webhooks, please see the Tracking Guide in our API documentation. 


International Shipping

For more information on shipping internationally using Shippo's API, including details on customs items, customs declarations, and commercial invoices, please see the International Guide in our API documentation.


Rate Response

The Shippo API returns rates and labels asynchronously. For more information on asynchronous responses, including more detail about what they are, why we use them, and an explanation of polling, please see the Async Responses page in our API documentation. 





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