Shippo Subscription Plan Overview

As your business grows, it may make sense to upgrade your Shippo plan! We provide subscription plans built to support your business, wherever it may be in its journey. 

Shippo offers three unique subscription plans:

  • Starter Plan: Shippo's starter plan for customers with simple shipping needs 
  • Professional (Pro) Plan: for customers who want to streamline and grow their business
  • Premier Plan: for customers with high-volume operations and complex needs managed by our Sales Team

In this article, we will break down all of the different features available for each plan.


How to Select a Plan in your Account Settings

  • Click the Account Settings icon.
  • Select Plan.
  • Click Adjust Plan.

Use the slider to see the cost for your expected shipping volume:

  • Select the appropriate volume with the slider
  • Select Monthly or Annual billing (Annual billing includes an automatic 10% fee discount)
  • Click Start Free Trial


Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is the default plan when creating your Shippo account. This is a great plan for smaller businesses that are shipping less than 60 labels per month.

  • No monthly commitment!
  • Pay only for postage when you ship through Shippo's Master accounts (USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and more!)
  • Pay only $0.05 to create labels using your own carrier account
  • Access to both our web application as well as our API
  • Shippo's discounted postage rates when using our master carrier accounts
  • Ability to connect all of the carrier accounts you have with our supported carriers
  • Unlimited shopping cart integrations
  • One user login per account
  • Order notification emails, tracking pages, and packing slips
  • Access to reports to help you understand your shipping costs
  • Expert customer support via email
  • Access to additional shipment insurance
  • Worldwide address validation (FREE for U.S. addresses, $0.09 for International addresses)
  • Best in class reliability/service uptime


Professional (Pro) Plan

  • Pricing tailored to your shipping volume with a 30-day free trial – you'll pay the monthly plan fee (to give you access to all the extras!) + postage costs of the labels
  • Further discounts available via pre-payment of plan fees
  • Ability to connect all of your carrier accounts with our supported carriers
  • Unlimited shopping cart integrations
  • Up to five user logins per account
  • Your custom branding on all order notification emails, tracking pages, and packing slips
  • Ability to add custom text to email notifications
  • Access to Automations! 
  • Access to reports and analytics to help you better understand your shipping costs
  • Access to our shipping support experts via chat, phone, and email
  • Worldwide address validation (FREE for U.S. addresses, $0.08 for International addresses)
  • Best in class reliability/service uptime


Premier Plan

All of the features of our Pro Plan plus...

  • Up to 15 user logins per account
  • Access to our advanced reports to help you manage your shipping costs and improve your fulfillment speed
  • A team dedicated to advising you through your Shippo integration as well as dedicated account support once you've launched
  • Worldwide address validation (FREE for U.S. addresses, $0.06 for International addresses)
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Speak with our Sales team to see if this plan is right for you


Pro Plan Overview

Pro Plan 30-day Free Trial

All Shippo customers start with the free Starter Plan and pay only the postage cost – plus a $0.05 per label transaction fee.

All Shippo customers can try out the Pro Plan for free on the 30-day free trial. If you find it's not the right plan for your business, downgrade before the end of the 30 days when the subscription fee is charged.




The plan fee selected here is what you will be charged at the end of the 30-day free trial if you have not downgraded to a Starter plan


Pro Plan FAQ's

How do I know how long is left in my free trial?

The Plan Settings Page shows how many days are left in the trial right at the top of the page. You'll also see the date on which your plan changes to the Pro Plan and what the charge will be.


What happens after the free trial?

On the date displayed on the Plan Settings Page, your account will be charged for the first subscription fee that you selected. 

  • Monthly: If you selected the $10 per month plan for up to 60 labels monthly, you would be charged $10, for example.
  • Annual: If you selected the $10 per month plan for up to 60 labels monthly but chose annual billing, you would be charged $108 (a 10% discount for paying a year in advance). No refunds are given if the plan is canceled before one year.


What are the fees and volume provisions for the Pro Plan?

Monthly Plan Fee

Expected Monthly Shipping Label Volume

$10/month 0 — 60 labels
$25/month 61 — 200 labels
$35/month 201 — 450 labels
$50/month 451 — 750 labels
$75/month 751 — 1,750 labels
$100/month 1,750 — 3,500 labels

3,501 — 5,000 labels


5,001 — 7,500 labels


7,501 — 10,000 labels

Contact for Pricing 10,000 + labels


Does the Pro Plan fee include the cost of postage?

The Pro Plan fee does not include the cost of postage (shipping rates). This fee replaces the $0.05 per label fee on our Starter Plan and gives you access to advanced features such as personalized Company Branding, customized text on Email Notifications, and applied Company Branding added to the Packing Slips, Tracking Page, and Email Notifications. It also covers the cost of chat and phone support and the standard email support.


When am I billed for the Pro Plan fee? 

Pro plan fees are billed at the beginning of each month (or the beginning of the plan year) to pre-pay for the upcoming plan cycle. A monthly payment on October 15th, for example, would pay for the Plan from October 15th through November 14th.


What happens if I buy more labels than my plan accounts for?

Shippo still allows you to purchase shipping labels – even if you've exceeded your plan amount before the next billing cycle. You will not be stopped from shipping.

However, on the first day of the next billing cycle, you'll be automatically moved up to the next plan level. For example, if you were on the $10 per month for 60 labels plan, and you shipped 80 labels during the month, you would automatically be enrolled in the $25 per month for 61-200 labels plan at the billing of the next month.


Can I have a refund for subscription fees?

Shippo does not provide refunds, prorated or otherwise, if you downgrade or cancel your plan prior to the end of the billing cycle. Changes will take effect on the first day of the next billing cycle.



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