How to Add Signature Confirmation for Package Delivery

Signature Confirmations are a great way to guarantee your packages arrive safely and, depending on the item you are shipping, may even be required for insurance coverage.

In this guide, learn all about signature confirmations and how to add them to your labels.

How to Add Signature Confirmation

To add a signature confirmation to your Label:

  • From the Orders page, click Edit next to the Order you would like to create a return Label for.
  • Then, if you haven't already, click Add Package Info.
  • Click Add next to Additional Services
  • Click the Add signature confirmation checkbox on the page where you enter package dimensions and weight.

Which Carriers Provide Signature Confirmation

Signature confirmation is available through Shippo for all carriers provided the carrier supports the added service.


Domestic International 

USPS offers Signature Confirmation for:

  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • First Class Package Service

USPS does not support Signature Confirmation for any international service levels.  



To Learn More:

Follow our guide: Selecting Optional Services for USPS


UPS, FedEx, DHL Express

UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express offer signature confirmation for all domestic and international services.


Can I add Signature Confirmation after I buy my label?

Signature Confirmation is an added service at a cost and must be selected during the label creation flow. It cannot be added after the label is purchased.


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