How to Export Transactions From Shippo

Similar to Export Shipments from Shippo, you can also export your transactions from the Billing tab. 

Shippo has an export feature from the Billing tab that will allow you to pull reports with all transaction data (e.g transaction type, amount, tracking number, carrier and carrier service level etc...).

This report will include refunds, and the amount Shippo charged for a specific label. You can use this feature to capture all the transaction information for monthly billing or to log the number of shipments you create in a given time period.


To export your transactions information in Shippo please follow these steps 

  • Go to the Billing Tab in Shippo and click on the View All under All Transactions


  • Click the “Add Filters” button and choose your dates (these filters will apply to the export)



  • There is a max number of rows the file can have  – 10,000
    • If no date filters are applied, the latest 10,000 transactions will be included in the export.
      Too many transactions will cause a time out. If you experience this, please reduce the time period in your date filter to include less transactions.
  • Click the white Export CSV button.
  • Your report will be generated in a CSV file. You can then use this report to calculate shipping cost spent, or use this to file your tracking numbers.

  • Scientific Notation:
    Microsoft Excel will sometimes reformat tracking numbers to scientific notation format (9.20559E+25). A quick solve is to upload your downloaded CSV file directly into your Google Drive and then “Open with” Google Sheets. Here are the steps:1 - Export file from Shippo (don't open it in Excel!)
    2 - Open your Google Drive
    3 - Click "New" --> "File Upload" and select the file from your computer (or simply drag and drop the file in your Google Drive)
    This should result in full tracking numbers!


If you run into any problems, please contact and we will be happy to help.

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