USPS Priority Mail Express FAQs in Shippo

The USPS offers the Priority Mail Express (PME) service level for when you need to get your package delivered quickly, guaranteed.


The package did not arrive by the guaranteed date. Is it eligible for a refund? 

A PME shipment is eligible for a refund from USPS if the package did not arrive at the recipient's address by the guaranteed arrival time. The guaranteed arrival time is determined by USPS when they receive your package, not when the shipping label is created. 


How do I request a refund for late delivery?

The transit time is guaranteed by the USPS, so refunds must be requested from the USPS. Claims may be filed:

You have up to 30 days from the shipment date to file your claim with USPS.


What do I need to provide to USPS with my claim?

  • You will need to have a FREE account — this will allow you to make the request, follow progress, and receive the refund
  • The tracking number
  • A receipt or proof of purchase — this can be your Shippo invoice printed from the Billing tab and/or a receipt from USPS when you dropped the package off at the Post Office
  • Note: USPS will not accept claims for packages lost due to the use of refunded or otherwise invalid labels.
    • A label that was refunded is considered invalid. If you use a label you received a refund for, you risk your package being confiscated for Fraud. 
    • All labels must be used within 30 days. After 30 days, the label is considered invalid. 

Where can I get a receipt in Shippo?

You can download the invoice for the tracking number on your Billing tab under the Your Invoices section. Click Download next to the invoice you need.


How can I check on the progress?

When you file your claim on, USPS will send you a confirmation email. You can check the status of your claim by logging back into your account. 


How long will it take to get my money back?

It generally takes the USPS several days to process claims. If approved, they will refund the money right away.


How will I get my money?

The USPS will mail a check to the address you provide in your claim.



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