How to Deactivate a Carrier or Service Level in Shippo

There may be a specific Carrier or service level you do not plan on using when shipping with Shippo – it's easy to turn these off in a few simple steps.


Deactivate a Carrier

You can turn off a carrier by setting to "inactive" if you do not wish to see any rates from that carrier. This is done right on the Carriers page in your Shippo account:



1. Go to the Carriers Page by clicking on Settings and then Carriers at the left of the page

2. Click on the toggle button in the Active column to turn off

3. The account is now "inactive" and will not display rates during label creation


Deactivate Service Level(s)

If you still wish to see the carrier, but wish to omit certain services from that carrier, you also have the option to deactivate a specific "Service Level". This is also done from the Carriers page in your Shippo account:



1. Click on Edit to the right of the carrier

2. Click on the check box next to the service level you wish to turn off

3. Click Save


Hiding a service level will hide it everywhere in the web app. Service levels used elsewhere (as a default, automation rule, or rate at checkout) cannot be hidden.

Once you deactivate a specific service level, Shippo will stop showing rates for this, for future shipments. Only service levels that are checked will return rates. 


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