How do the Billing Cycles in Shippo Work?



If you created your Shippo account after 11/15/2022, you will have a new billing experience. To learn more about your billing frequency, please refer to this article. Thank you!

Understanding billing cycles can be confusing – Shippo wants to make the process as easy as possible.

In this article, we'll cover Shippo's billing cycles and the answers to common questions.

How often are billing cycles? 

Shippo runs on a weekly billing cycle for label purchases.

The default payment method that you have saved on the Billing tab in your Shippo account will be charged for any label purchases you've made during that seven-day period.

See Billing FAQs for answers to the most common Shippo billing questions. 


How do billing cycles end?

Label purchases will accumulate until you've either:

  • exceeded the billing threshold of $100, or
  • seven days have passed since your last invoice.

Either of these two events will trigger the end of the billing cycle.

An invoice will then be produced, and your default payment method will be charged. Any label purchased since your last invoice or refund that has not been credited yet will be included on that invoice.

The exception is your very first bill—you'll be charged once you've reached $25 in label purchases.

If it has been more than seven days since you first registered for Shippo, you'll be charged right away for those label purchases. They will not accumulate up to the $25 threshold. After your first bill, your billing threshold is automatically increased to $100.


Billing differences between plans

See Shippo Subscription Plan Overview for more details on Shippo's subscription plans.

For Starter Plan customers, you will be charged only for the labels you purchase in Shippo plus a five cent per label creation fee if you use your own carrier account. There are no monthly fees on this plan. There is no label fee for using a Shippo carrier account (UPS, USPS, DHL Express etc.)

For Professional (Pro) Plan customers, you will be charged for labels you purchase in Shippo plus a monthly subscription plan fee. This separate monthly charge is applied to your account at the start of your billing cycle. This pre-pays your subscription plan for the upcoming cycle.

For Premier Plan customers, you will receive a separate invoice from our Finance team at the start of your billing period for your monthly plan fees. Any labels you purchase will be billed to your default payment method following the schedule explained below.






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