How to Connect a DHL Germany Account to Ship with Shippo

It's easy to connect a DHL Germany account to Shippo – follow these few steps to ensure the DHL Germany credentials that you enter in Shippo are correct.

Find Your DHL Germany Username and Password

To add DHL Germany to Shippo you will need the username and password that you use to log in to the DHL Germany Business Customer site.

  1. Login to your DHL Germany account.



2. Once logged in, you can locate your Account Number by clicking on your name and selecting Masterdata.



3. Here you'll find your Customer Number listed. This is your DHL Account Number.



4. You can retrieve your Participation Code by clicking on Contract Positions, where you'll look for Billing Number/Product. Your Participation Code is the last 2 digits of your Billing Number.



How to Connect

1. Once gathering the necessary information from DHL, login to your Shippo account and navigate to the Carriers Page by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel. 

2. Click on + Connect Carrier Account at the top of the page

3. Click on the DHL Germany (take care to choose the correct DHL icon)

4. Enter the required information



NOTE: Most DHL Germany customers have the same Participation Code for all of their Billing Numbers. In this example, you can see that 01 is the Participation Code for all of the Billing Numbers on this account. If you have more than one Participation Code, please email with the subject line “Multiple participation codes for DHL Germany”


DHL Germany FAQs

Q: I already have my DHL Germany account connected to Shippo. Why do I have to do it again?

A: DHL Germany released a new version of their API which requires a different username and password than the one you used when you first connected your account. We need you to connect your account again so that we can collect the required username and password.


Q: Can I use the same DHL Germany account number that is already connected to Shippo?
A: Yes, you can.


Q: Will anything else change when I connect my account again?

A: The labels created will meet the new DHL Germany label standards.


Q: It looks like I have two DHL Germany accounts now. Is that what is supposed to happen?

A: Yes. Your first account is using version 1 of the DHL Germany integration. Your second account is using version 2 of the DHL Germany integration. Once you have validated that everything is working normally on your version 2 account, you can deactivate your version 1 account.

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