How to Ship with Shippo During Peak Season

The holiday shipping season will be here soon! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Check out Shippo's Holiday Shipping and Selling Central to get ready for all things selling and shipping this season. 

How do I prepare for holiday shipping?

Not sure where to start your holiday shipping journey? We've got you covered! 

Take a look at our resources:

2022 Shipping Deadlines

Be ready for shipping deadlines! We've tracked down the shipping deadlines by service level for USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Keep in mind, that your packages need to be with the carrier (not just label created!) by their stated deadlines for delivery before the holidays.

How do I schedule a package pickup?

During the busiest time of year, we hope you'll be shipping out more packages each day than normal! Save yourself some time and schedule a package pickup in Shippo.

How do I print an end-of-day shipping manifest?

Since you'll be shipping so many holiday orders, your carrier may require an end-of-day manifest. Shippo has got you covered! Just remember, you must manifest on the same calendar date that you create your shipping labels. For all the specifics, see Manifests and SCAN Forms.


How do I refund a label?

During the holiday season you might find the need to refund a label you didn’t use. We make it easy to request a refund directly from your shipments page.

Here’s a step-by-step process to refund a label.


What is a Pre-Authorization charge?

When keeping track of charges during the holiday season, Shippo does our best to keep you informed of any billing changes and charges.

When a new credit card is added to an account as a method of payment, Shippo uses a pre-authorization hold of $1 to ensure a valid payment method has been added. This charge is immediately reversed, however, it may take a few business days to see this refunded in your bank account.

You can learn more about billing for accounts here.


How do I upload orders with a CSV?

During the holiday season, you may only have situations where you’d like to import and create batches of shipping labels via a CSV.

If you’re importing orders via a CSV, check out this step by step guide.


How do Customs Declarations work?

Shipping internationally this holiday season?

Customs can be confusing and time-consuming. To make this process as easy as possible, Shippo automatically creates a customs declaration for orders with international addresses. Here’s all you need to know about customs declarations using Shippo.


I'm confused about billing? Where can I find answers?

We want our customers to spend more time shipping and less time looking for answers. This FAQ section tackles our most frequently asked billing questions.


How do I connect my E-Commerce Store?

If you have an E-Commerce store, it’s most likely the center of your operations. Shippo makes it easy to connect orders from your online store and ship directly from our app.

This article guides you through basic steps, with additional resources for each respective store integration.


How do I customize my Package Settings and Templates?

Shippo makes it easy to streamline your label creation process by allowing you to default your units of measurement and create package templates.

This article will guide you step by step through the process.


How do I customize my Label Settings?

We know our customers print labels in a variety of formats, with specific preferences that match the needs of their business.

This article guides you through configuring print preferences, adding text to labels, default service levels, and return label settings.

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