How to Buy with Shippo During Peak Season

The holiday shipping season is here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Check out Shippo's Peak Season Shipping and Selling Central to get ready for all things selling and shipping this season.


How can I get shipping labels for my orders?

Connect your e-commerce store to Shippo to import your customer orders. When you're ready to ship, click on the Create Label button for that order in Shippo.

If you need shipping labels to send something that did not come into Shippo from your store, just use the Create Label button at the top right corner of the Shippo Orders Page


Where do I find shipping rates?

You can test out rates using the USPS Shipping Calculator on our website! Alternatively, you can test out rates on the Shippo Orders Page.

As long as you don't click Buy you will not be charged.


Can I print my labels in bulk?


Printing labels in bulk is a simple way to speed up your fulfillment process. You can purchase labels in bulk and then print them all at once, or you can purchase them one at a time and then go back and print them all at once. Check out the details here: 





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