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This covers common questions and FAQs specifically related to USPS. For more general FAQs, see General Shippo FAQs.



To learn about common postal surcharges from the USPS please visit this article: Understanding Postal Surcharges in Shippo


Can I use my own USPS account in Shippo?

Shippo saves you up to 90% off retail USPS rates through our USPS carrier account. Check out our USPS Shipping Calculator to get an idea of the savings you'll see. These rates are available automatically to all Shippo users immediately upon sign-up.

It is not possible to connect your own USPS account to your Shippo account.


Do all USPS labels have tracking numbers? 

Yes, all USPS service levels available in Shippo include tracking services and are assigned a tracking number by USPS when the label is created. Please see Tracking Packages.


Do you have cubic pricing? 

Yes, USPS cubic pricing is available in Shippo. The discounted pricing we've negotiated with USPS is quite complex allowing for cubic pricing where applicable and weight/zone pricing in other cases. We've optimized our pricing model to extend the best possible rates to all of our customers.


What are the Character Limits for USPS Label Fields?

The character limits that USPS places on the address fields on their labels are:

Name - 38 characters

Street 1 - 36 characters

Street 2 - 36 characters

Street 3 - 36 characters (for international -- API only)

City - 15 characters

State - 2 characters

Customs Declaration item descriptions - 30 characters 

Note: USPS will not return an error if you exceed these limits, but will cut off the field at that limit.


Can I create a return label with USPS Ground Advantage?

USPS return labels are supported by USPS Ground Advantage. These labels will also include up to $100 of carrier-included insurance.


Why can I not see USPS First-Class Package and Parcel Select rates?

Effective July 9, 2023, to provide a simple, reliable, and more affordable way to ship packages up to 70 lbs in 2-5 business days, USPS has merged First-Class Package Service and Parcel Select Ground into a single, streamlined ground service level called USPS Ground Advantage.


What is USPS Ground Advantage?

USPS Ground Advantage is an affordable and reliable way for you to ship packages up to 70 lbs in 2-5 business days. You can ship domestically to all 50 states, U.S. military bases, territories, possessions, and Freely Associated States. Commercial rates for USPS Ground Advantage are lower than rates for First-Class Package Service and Parcel Select Ground by 0.7%.


What should I consider when choosing between USPS Ground Advantage and USPS Priority Mail?

  • Price: USPS Ground Advantage is cheaper than Priority Mail in all instances
  • Speed in transit: Priority Mail is faster
  • Free packaging: USPS provides shippers with free packaging for Priority Mail


Why can I not see USPS Priority Mail Express rates?

USPS Priority Mail Express rates are only available if you enter your own dimensions, or if you choose Flat Rate Envelope, Flat Rate Padded Envelope, or Flat Rate Legal Envelope from the package type menu.

If you're not seeing USPS Priority Mail Express rates, it is likely due to the packaging you selected. For example, USPS Flat Rate Cardboard Envelope, you'll only see a Priority Mail rate. But if you select USPS Flat Rate Envelope (without the 'cardboard'), you'll see both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates. 


I'm using a triangular-shaped box from USPS. Is this a tube? Which package option should I pick?

For odd-shaped packages such as circles, tubes, pyramid-shaped, or anything where the dimensions do not fit the standard length x width x height requirement, you would want to choose USPS Irregular Parcel.

To do this, please click on the drop-down in the "Enter Your Package Information" section, select "Carrier Provided Parcels", and then choose "USPS Irregular Parcel (4.0x4.0x4.0 in.)". Please note that the LxWxH is not a consideration for the shipping rate. The rate is calculated based only on the weight you enter. The 4x4x4 in the description is just a placeholder.

Alternatively, you can measure the box/tube following the USPS Postal Explorer recommendations and enter the LxWxH manually. The Priority Mail shipping rate will be the same either way.


Error calculating postage rates for one or more mail classes - Which selected services apply?

USPS does not support adding Signature Confirmation for international shipments. Please try the purchase again without adding Signature Confirmation.


Is USPS Delivery Confirmation included?

For Domestic Shipments:

Delivery confirmation is included for all domestic shipments and is built into the price for all the USPS rates you see in Shippo.

For International Shipments:

Delivery Confirmation for international shipments (EDELCON) is only available for a limited number of package types:

  • First-Class Package International Service 
  • Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes
  • Small Flat Rate Boxes

It is also available for packages delivered to a limited list of countries. The list of EDELCON countries is found on the USPS website. If your package meets these package type and country criteria, then EDELCON will automatically be included on the label.

If EDELCON has been applied, the label will state “EDELCON SERVICE” or show the “Post Expres” logo. If you do not see this on the label, and you believe your package qualifies for EDELCON service, please let us know at





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