How to Reprint Labels in Shippo

If you are having issues with printing, need to change the size/format, or need a copy for your records, you can always reprint your Label in Shippo!

Labels are available to reprint for free from the Shipments Page and Orders Page.



You can reprint your purchased labels, but you can only use a label one time. The carrier will bill you a surcharge fee if you use the same shipping label to ship a package more than once.


Reprint a Label from the Shipments Page

From the Shipments Page, you can:

  • Click the Download button to open the PDF and print your label.
  • Or, open the drop-down menu next to the Download button and select Download label to print the PDF.    


Reprint Labels in Bulk from the Shipments Page

From the Shipments Page, you can:

  • Select the shipments to be included in the batch by clicking on the box to the left of each shipment. Or, you can select all shipments on the page by selecting the first box on the Shipments page.
  • Then, click the Download [number selected] button to open the PDF and print your labels.

Reprint a label in a different size/format

Your default label size/format is selected on the Label Settings Page. If your default is set up as 4x6 inch for thermal label printers, but you are actually printing on a standard printer that uses 8.5x11 inch paper, you won't be able to print out the 4x6 inch labels. 

If you mistakenly purchase a shipping label in the incorrect format, you must go back to the Label Settings Page and choose the correct label format for your printer. Then follow the steps, depending on your carrier:

To reprint USPS labels, you must change the label settings to your desired size/format and then download the label individually, from the Orders Page.

To do so:

  • Click the Settings icon and select Labels & Packing Slips.
  • In the Label Settings Section, you can change the size of your Default Label Format to reflect your printer. 
  • Click Save.
  • Then, navigate to the Orders page and download the label individually:

Once you download the USPS label from the Orders page, the label will be saved in the new label size.


All other carriers:

You must request a Refund for the incorrect label and re-create it. The NEW label size/format will only apply to NEW labels created. 

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