How to Connect ChannelAdvisor to Ship with Shippo

Connecting your ChannelAdvisor account to Shippo allows orders to automatically import to the Shippo web app, allowing you to shop for postage! Any orders fulfilled through Shippo will have their status and tracking number automatically updated in your ChannelAdvisor dashboard as well.

In this article, learn how to connect ChannelAdvisor to Shippo!

Creating the Connection

To connect your ChannelAdvisor account:

  • Get started by first logging in to Shippo and opening the Settings tab.
  • Next, select Stores.
  • Then, click +connect Store and select ChannelAdvisor from the list of ecommerce stores

Clicking Connect on the following page will direct you to the Channel Advisor site where you will be asked to grant access to Popout, Inc dba Shippo.

Once you've granted access you will be directed back to Shippo where you will see your last 30 days of orders imported to the Orders dashboard.



Should an order get canceled on ChannelAdvisor, this will be reflected on Shippo by the order losing its paid status.


Buying postage

Clicking 'create label' next to an order will take you through the postage purchasing flow and, upon completion, generate a shipment on the Shipments tab. This will also update your Orders page on ChannelAdvisor:

  • Shipped orders will feature a green truck next to them
  • Partially fulfilled orders will be tagged as 'Partially Shipped'

On your Shipments page in ChannelAdvisor each shipment will have an updated shipping status, the associated tracking number, and the shipped date.



If you partially fulfill an imported order off the Shippo platform, Shippo will not receive that updated status.

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