Shipping within Countries other than the United States

For domestic shipping in countries other than the United States, Shippo supports FedEx, DHL Express, and UPS, as long as those services exist within that country and your account is enabled for domestic shipping.

  • Example: if you have a DHL Express UK account, as long as your account is enabled for domestic shipping within the UK, then you will see those domestic rates in Shippo, because DHL offers domestic shipping within the UK.
  • However, domestic shipping within Australia is not available with DHL, so no DHL rates will be displayed in Shippo for domestic shipments within Australia.

One exception to this rule is India — even if available from FedEx/UPS/DHL, domestic shipping is not available within India with Shippo.

We also support local carriers in certain countries, such as Canada Post in Canada. For our full list of supported carriers, check out Carriers Supported by Shippo.

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